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Top 5 Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Winter

Posted on 19th, May 2021

Have you had your tyres checked for this winter? You can find the Best Tyres in Sydney to prepare yourself to drive safer during winter. But is replacing old parts with new ones the only thing you should do? Ajaj Tyres provides the top 5 driving tips to follow so you can drive safely during winter.

Stay Safe This Winter With These Driving Tips from AJAJ Tyres Sydney

1)  Prepare for the Winter
Preparation is key, so you will be able to drive safely even during unfavourable weather conditions. Get the different parts of your car checked, such as the brakes, headlights, the engine, the window and door seals, and tyre treads. If your tyres are in bad shape, you can get quality Cheap Tyres in Sydney from us.

2) Make Slow Turns
A recurring idea here is doing everything at a slower pace. It also applies when you are turning. Some cars could get out of control and continue to drive whilst you are turning, so pay attention. Turn slowly and watch your surroundings, especially when it is foggy.

3) Pay Attention to Weather Conditions
Regularly checking the weather forecast is a must. Make a habit of it before you start your day, so you know what to prepare for. Check if it will rain because it will make the road slippery, and your vision could be hindered because of the fog. Ensure your car’s tyres are in excellent shape if you plan on driving them on an icy road. You can get the Best Tyres in Sydney from us if you have yet to replace your old tyres or you can do Tyre Repair with us.

4) Drive Slower
Drive slower during the entire winter season to avoid getting into any accidents. If you have no choice but to drive to work, even if the weather forecast for your area is not ideal, drive slowly. If you do not want to be late, leave the house earlier than you normally do so you can take your time.

5) Drive at a Distance
Try not to tailgate anyone, especially if the roads are icy or slippery. Your brakes could malfunction when you stop the car, and you could accidentally bump the car in front of you. It is best to drive at a distance to avoid such situations.

These are the top five tips you should consider to keep you safe on the road during winter. Drive carefully and slowly, pay attention to your surroundings and the weather, and prepare your car and its parts to ensure your safety. Maintaining the condition of the tyres is essential.

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