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All-Terrain Vs Mud-Terrain Tyres: A Quick Guide

Posted on 19th, April 2021

If you drive a four-wheel drive, you must choose the right 4WD Tyres to get the best safety, performance, longevity, and fuel economy results. Factory fitted Tyres are not suitable for driving in off-road conditions. Thus, you need to understand the different 4×4 Tyres to get the best ones for your vehicle.

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To assure you start on the right track, here are some handy information that can help you choose between All Terrain Tyres and mud-terrain tyres for your 4WD.

All-Terrain Tyres

These All-Terrain Tyres live up to their name by letting you perform well on any road condition, whether cement, sand, or gravel. They have a closer thread pattern, equating to less noise without compromising grips.

These hold up well than the mud version, especially if you rarely take your vehicle in haphazard road conditions. You will find this an economical yet highly effective choice. There are two kinds of all-terrain Tyres, namely:

Mud Terrain Tyres

This shines in muddy, stick, and wet conditions, outranking the all-terrain during these situations. These Tyres prove to be more durable and resistant to punctures. You will know that it is a Mud Tyre based on the very chunky Tyre thread pattern. This is specifically designed to repel rocks, dirt, twigs, and mud.

Though these are noisier, you will find them very reliable if you always go off-road. Apart from superior traction, your vehicle will be easier to steer and manage no matter where you are. It will also perform well on highways and normal open roads.

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All the above-mentioned 4WD Tyres will work well for your 4WD vehicle.

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