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    Atturo Tyres

    Atturo Tyres is a brand tyre that is designed for SUVs, Cross Overs and light trucks.  The tyres are known for their dependability and performance, and the attractiveness they add to a truck. The tyres are produced in world class factories of Taiwan and Thailand and certified for the global market.

    Developed for safety, dependability, performance and attractiveness, they are a top choice in an affordable tyre for SUVs, Cross Overs and light trucks.  The tyres are tested by independent agencies to assure consistent quality standards.

    With many qualities like optimisation for outstanding grip on dry surfaces & strong resistance to hydroplaning on wet surfaces, the Atturo Tyres are aba step above in SUV, light truck and Cross Over tyres.


    The Atturo treadwear grade is a comparative rating that has been determined through testing under controlled conditions on specified government test course.  The tread has been tested against industry standard. Each will have an assigned numerical grade that allows vehicle owners to compare the tread overall effectiveness when referenced to a standard of 100.  A treadwear rating 200 indicates a strong performance, wearing twice as well as the standard reference.  Wear will vary depending on the conditions which the tyre is being used, as well as driving habits, road surfaces, climates, etc.

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