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All You Need to Know About the CTP Green Slip Refund Claim

Posted on 25th, March 2020

On December 2017, the NSW Government authorised reforms to the NSW CTP Green Slip Scheme.

The objectives of the reform were as follows:

• Better benefits for those injured on NSW roads.
• Reduce opportunities for fraudulent and exaggerated claims.
• Reduce CTP Green Slip premium costs.
• Reduce time-frame for claims.

Reduced green slip premium costs meant that over 4 million NSW motorists were eligible for refunds. If you are wondering whether you’re eligible for a refund, and if yes, how you should go about making a claim, the following information provided by AJAJ Tyres will help guide you.

CTP Green Slip Scheme NSW

Are You Eligible for A Refund?

So, who is eligible for a refund? If you were a registered owner of vehicles as at midnight, 30 November 2017, you will be eligible for a CTP Refund. If you bought a vehicle just before 30 November 2017, lodged transfer papers before 1 December 2017, then you will be eligible for a refund. But, if you did not lodge transfer papers before 1 December 2017, then the vehicle’s previous owner will be the one eligible for a CTP refund.
Please note that motorcycle owners are not eligible for CTP refunds. This is because the CTP Green Slip Scheme reforms have not affected their Green Slip costs in any way, making them ineligible for refunds.
You also won’t be eligible for a refund if your refund amount is less than $10 (which is the minimum price set), either before or after a small administration fee is deducted.

How to Claim A CTP Green Slip Refund?

The process is to claim a CTP Green Slip Refund is pretty simple and straightforward.

You have 3  ways to make a claim:

1. Make a claim online: Visit the Service NSW website and make your claim. You will need a MyServiceNSW Account (Don’t have a MyServiceNSW Account? Click here to create one). Please note that online claims can be made from 7 pm to 7 am – Monday to Saturday, and all day Sunday.
2. Make a claim over the phone: You can also choose to make a claim simply by calling a Service NSW CTP refund specialist on 1300 287 733 (from 7 am to 7pm, Monday to Friday).
3. Your third and final option is to make a claim by visiting a Service NSW service center in person.
As the refund amount will be directly deposited to your bank account, you will need to provide your bank details to make a claim.

When is the Last Date to Make A Claim?

The NSW Government has announced that the last date for CTP refund claim is 30 September 2018. Unclaimed refunds will be used to provide benefits for those injured in traffic accidents in NSW. In case if you are not using the vehicle, in any case, it is important to sell them to the local car buyer in  your city. Prestige car removal and cash for cars Brisbane is a pioneer in buying gold cars in QLD


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