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Car & Tyre Maintenance Tips for Summer

Posted on 25th, March 2020

Car maintenance in the hot months should not be overlooked. Neglecting the vehicle means increasing the chance of a breakdown. As we all know, summers in Sydney NSW can be brutal. AJAJ Tyres (Ingleburn & Yagoona) offers the following information on summer car maintenance.

Air Conditioning

In the scorching heat, it is essential to have the AC in working condition. Temperatures rise, and the ride can get uncomfortable. If you have a local mechanic, having the mechanic check out the air conditioning system at the onset of summer is the best solution. Air conditioning systems are complex, and a certified mechanic knows to inspect the AC unit properly. You will be happy that you did this when you aren’t stuck in sweltering heat with no relief.

Car Battery

Hot weather is hard on the battery of the car. Heat tends to overcharge a battery, which shortens its life. Keeping your battery clean will help the engine to run smoothly. If necessary, take it to your mechanic and have them inspect the battery.


Good working brakes are essential for the safety of the vehicle and occupants. There are signs that it is time to have the brakes checked. If the brake light on the dashboard of your vehicle turns on, your brakes could be in jeopardy, as well as your safety. If the brakes are making grinding sounds, it is a sign that it is time for new brake pads. Any issues with the brakes or strange noises need to be checked out by a mechanic.

Car Tyres

When the weather changes, the Tyre pressure changes. Take out your owner’s manual to determine the proper pressure for the tyres. Over Inflated or under-inflated Tyres can be dangerous and lead to a threatening situation. Added pressure can cause Tyres to blow. Also, check the tread of the tyres. An inadequate trend is dangerous as the vehicle does not have the grip with the road that it needs for safe control.

Hot weather car maintenance can save lives. Be sure to keep up with regular maintenance schedules, as well as seasonal.

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