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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A New Car Tyre In Sydney?

Posted on 24th, March 2020

The truth is – it all depends. On what car you drive, how much you are looking to spend on your new tyres and the benefit you seek from them. A quick online search for ‘cheap tyre prices Sydney’ will give you results for tyres advertised for as low as $59. Avoid these tyres, even if you can find them. Usually, they are what we call ‘bait buy’. They lure buyers to showrooms. Once in there, the tyres are mysteriously ‘out-of-stock.’ If you want the best tyre prices in Sydney, the place you should come is AJAJ Tyres. We have a wide range of Wholesale Tyres for Sale in Sydney.

You should also understand when to get the tyre replaced?

Tyre Replacing Sydney

At AJAJ Tyres, a good car tyre starts at around $88

A good car tyre is durable and keeps you and your family, above all, SAFE. A lot rides on your car tyres than you might imagine. Poorly manufactured tyres may not have the ‘tread’ they require to grip the road the way a Koala grips a tree. They can cause accidents – ones you really don’t want to be in.

We understand tyres – given we’ve been selling them for more than 20 years

With two conveniently located Tyre Shops (Sales and Fitting) in Yagoona Ingleburn, and over 20,000 customers served to date, you can find yourself a good quality car tyre from just $88 to about a hundred bucks.
Of course, we have more expensive tyres in our extensive range as well – we stock a huge range of car tyres – everything from Bridgestone to Goodyear, Dunlop and others. Choice, coupled with affordability and excellent levels of professionalism and service are the hallmarks of our offering to the clients we serve – with both pleasure and

Can you save on Car Tyres with us?

Of course, you can. Ensuring we stock tyres that help you SAVE MONEY is the reason we exist. In a comparison we did on prices listed on automobile website, AutoGuru.com.au, we found that a single Car Tyre at AJAJ Car and Truck Tyres for a Toyota Camry was up to $120 cheaper than what the average price in Sydney was. When you add this saving to the Car Tyre Sale we have on, perennially, at AJAJ Tyres, you’ll find that you could save up to $180 per set of 2 tyres.

How do you know you need to change your Car Tyres?

Your car tyres are made of rubber, which is reinforced with steel belts and cords that give it the strength they need to withstand the weight of the people seated in the car. Signs that your car’s tyres need to be changed

  1. You hear a vibration coming through the steering wheel or the body of the car.
  2. You experience increased stopping distances.
  3. Your car displays decreased handling ability and manoeuvrability.
  4. You hear a screeching noise when you round corners.
  5. There is a decrease in the quality of your ride.
  6. The steering wheel pulls to one side.

Is it safe to drive a car whose treads are worn out or whose steering is pulling to one side?

No, it is NOT SAFE to do so. Cars with tyres whose pressure is under inflated or over inflated, or whose treads are worn out, can cause serious accidents that can endanger the lives of your family plus the lives of others on the road. What you need to do when your family has appointed you designated driver is check your car tyres and ensure they are safe.

If you have noticed ANY of ‘The 6 Warning Signs That Your Car Tyres Are Worn Out’ – please call us immediately or drive your car into our showroom where our experienced personnel can take a look at it! For quality tyres at affordable prices, you can reach us on 0414 969 969 or Ingleburn: (02) 8798 7610 or Yagoona: (02) 9793 9285.  We recommend other business in Sydney in relation to automotive, Cash Car Removal Sydney is your local scrap car buyer.

Looking for Tyres or Wheels service?

Contact our Yagoona or Ingleburn Tyre Shops

For Yagoona Call: 0414 969 969

For Ingleburn Call: 0433 286 232

OR request a quote here: Quote

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