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How to Get the Most from Your 4WD Tyres?

Posted on 25th, March 2020

No matter how expensive your tyres are, they are going to wear down eventually. You cannot run away from this fact. However, you can prolong the life of your 4WD tyres by following the following tips by AJAJ TYRES.

1.Adjust your driving style:

Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your tyres like dumping the clutch and hitting the accelerator hard. You can adjust your driving style to preserve your 4wd tyres and prolong their life.

2.Check the pressure of tyre:

You can get the most from your 4wd tyres by checking the tyre pressure regularly. Use a pressure gauge to check if the tyre pressure is correct because inflated tyres wear down way more quickly and under pressured tyres can also make it harder to steer and apply brakes.

3.Wheel balancing & alignment:

Try to avoid obstacles on road while driving to avoid problems. Even the smallest of bumps on the road can cause wheel balancing and alignment problems. Obstacles like potholes and kerbs can cause the wheel alignment to get out of place.

The misalignment or poor alignment of wheels will cause one set of your 4wd tyres to wear down way quicker than the other. Even if just the outer rim of a tyre gets worn out, the while tyre would be replaced. Avoiding obstacles on the road is not possible all the time. That is why AJAJ TYRES recommend that you have your wheel balance check every once in a while.

4.Rotating tyres:

If a tyre is worn out, you do not change all the four tyres with new ones. However, AJAJ Tyres recommends that you move the previous set of tyres to the front of the car when swapping a pair with a new one for front-wheel drive vehicles to get the most from your 4wd tyres.

By rotating the set of tyres, you have to spend less money on overall tyre replacement. Make sure the tyres you are planning to replace are compatible with the tyres already fitted to your vehicle. However, it is not necessary for all the four tyres to be by the same manufacturer.

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