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Role of Tyres in Preventing Accidents

Posted on 24th, March 2020

We hear several news about road accidents and they continue to be a major reason of deaths and permanent disabilities. There may be several factors because of which these road accidents might be happening such as bad roads, over speed, bright lights, sleeping off etc. But here what we are discussing is the role of tires in causing car accidents. Tire being the only contact between the car and the ground becomes an area of concern, but unfortunately, drivers and car owners do not care for the tire of their vehicle as they care for the car engine, radiator system etc.

Role of Tyres in Preventing Accidents

Most people do not fully appreciate the important role good and suitable tires play to the safe operation of their cars. In spite of all the high-tech electronics controlling a vehicle handling capabilities and stability, its four tires provide the contact points on a roadways surface that ultimately control the amount of slipping and sliding that can take place.

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Accidents originating from tires maybe because of pressure or wear. Maintaining correct inflation pressure in tires helps to keep vehicle handling and braking at its best, as well as improving fuel efficiency and tire life. It also prevents such events as separations and tire blow-outs which may cause loss of control of a vehicle and crashes. Tires are specified by the vehicle manufacturer with a recommended inflation pressure, which permits safe operation within the specified load rating and vehicle loading. Wear and tires also contribute to these accidents. Tires play so many roles in the safety of a car; it can prevent an accident and at the same time can cause an accident.

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