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She’ll handle better when she’s balanced

Posted on 25th, March 2020

Balancing Wheels

If you’re having trouble, getting the best out of your baby, it might be because her wheels are not as well balanced as they could be. AJAJ Tyres have been balancing wheels, repairing and replacing tyres for longer than Fatty Vautin’s been on the Footy Show!

If you’ve been going faster than you should have been going, and have had a little crash that has dented your confidence, and your wallet, maybe what you should do with your car is bring it into us to have a look at. With two centres in Sydney’s Southwest – Yagoona and Ingleburn – we can examine any ‘handling’ issues you have, and use our expertise gained over years in wheel balancing and alignment to fix them.

Is this a good vibration or a bad one- how do you tell?

A vibration that you feel in your car or steering wheel indicates that your wheels are not aligned or balanced properly.

How can you tell if the vibration is good or bad? Truth is, you can’t – but we can. Thanks to the specialist equipment we have in our workshops, not to mention our experienced mechanics who have been helping motorists in Sydney’s premier Southwest suburbs keep it together for more than 15 years now.

Not only can we repair your baby, we can restore her to her original beauty as well

Let’s face it, aesthetics are important – particularly when it’s your car we’re talking about.

We’ll take old rims and make them shiny and new again. We’ll scrape, straighten, paint and polish until we restore them to their original glory.

Bent it like Beckham?

That can cause problems. Bent wheels cause greater wear and tear on a tyre. They can cause shaking that’s worse than Parkinsons and damage your bearings, in a way, that may be possible to restore.

But even if you’ve bent your wheels in a way, whereby, they no longer drive the way they used to, bring them into us! We’re confident that if we can’t fix them, no other wheel balancer in the country will be able to.

Often, all that’s missing is a bit of polish

Wheels can become dull over time, just as we can. AJAJ Tyres (we previously traded as Zoom Tyres and Wheels Sydney), can take your wheels and re-polish them so they shine like the top of the Chrysler building. We’ll remove all marks, all blemishes, repair chips and scratches using machine tools or welding techniques we have taken years to perfect and return to you a car you’ll be proud to drive down the main street again.

If you want your car to handle better, and stand out from the others, bring it to us

We’ll balance it the way no one else will be able to. Drive her in or call us on Yagoona: (02) 9793 9285, Ingleburn: (02) 8798 7610 OR Mob: 0414 969 969 for Wheel Restoration or Repair in Sydney!

Looking for Tyres or Wheels service?

Contact our Yagoona or Ingleburn Tyre Shops

For Yagoona Call: 0414 969 969

For Ingleburn Call: 0433 286 232

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