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Silverstone Tyres For All Terrains

Posted on 25th, March 2020

4-Wheeling means not the ordinary terrain- and nothing but the most monstrous tyres will do. Silverstone caters to those weekend warriors with the best in mud terrain tyres, making their all terrain tyres an optimal choice in off-roading. Silverstone knows the level of the thrill of off-roaders and that their tyres must have the highest standard of safety, performance, and reliability, and that is what Silverstone delivers in their all-terrain / mud-terrain tyres. They are all of safety, reliability, and performance. Check out the following Silverstone Mud Terrain Tyres, part of the great selection of all-terrain tyres at AJAJ Tyres that do take off-roading to the extreme.

Mud / Extreme 4×4 Tyres

Silverstone’s MT117 EX

Excellence that has been acknowledged with the Silverstone MT117 EX won MITI’s Product Excellence Award 1998. The all-terrain tyre with 4×4’g off-road capabilities carries on the good name of Silverstone with features that include 17 mm deep tread blocks on larger sizes of tyres, even wear characteristics for great mileage and longevity, and self-cleaning. With rim protection design and its robust construction, the tyres are a wonderful choice for an outstanding on/ off-road tyre.

Silverstone MT117 Sport

Marvellous tyres, outstanding class. Silverstone MT117 Sport is considered the baron of 4×4 tyres. With great traction on loose ground, snow and mud condition and 17 mm deep direction tread block 4x4er’s have the optimal self-cleaning tyre that handles even the toughest terrain with great performance. Deep gumbo mud is no problem with sidewall blocks that offer advanced traction, steel belts that are full width and reinforced provide drivers with puncture and bruise resistance. The Silverstone MT117 Sport does delivers even in the toughest terrain.

Silverstone MT117 Extreme

The Silverstone MT117 Extreme is a wonderful lightweight 4×4 tyre. Features include supple sidewalls, making deep gumbo mud no problem as the tyres provide maximum traction. Being a self-cleaning tyre drivers experience outstanding traction and the block tread design only adds to mud digging.

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