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Step Involves in the Process of Tyre Recycling

Posted on 25th, October 2019

When tyres can no longer be used, then it is good to recycle them. Used and damaged tyres can create a problem for the population. Because of their resilience, large volume, they are bound up with the content which poses a deep threat to the environment. They can also become home for rodents, mosquitoes and also accountable for carrying many diseases. To save the environment they are the primary concern for recycling. Tyres are very hard and that is why they cannot easily be recycled, and very hard to break down.

Here given are the steps in its process of recycling-

1. Collection

In the first step, all the damaged tyres are collected by Tyre Recyclers Sydney and other individuals. Even most of the companies pay the people who collect tyres for them. After the tyres get collected they are packed or sent to the processing plants. It is a profitable venture.

2. Whole Tyre Processing

When a tyre reaches the point of processing, they will be separated into small pieces. This process makes the tyre ready for recycling and other uses. This is done by the machine, tyre shredders, cut or shred the parts into two pieces. In the Tyre processing two systems are used;

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3. Steel Liberation Stage

This third step includes fibre separation or screening. In tyres, steel wires are used for resilience strength and even for versatility. Steel wires are getting separated, or removed and sent to the mills of steel rolling to manufacture new steel. The left remaining part of the steel will prepare for the selling and sold as rubber mulch or used in the playgrounds T. The remaining rubber can be sold as rubber mulch or can be used as a playground.

4. Screening and Milling Stage

When wires get separated from the rubber, then they cross the stage of screening. In this process, the whole rubber is observed to determine whether that is contaminated with the wires or not. This screening process includes the whole process of screening of several sized rubbers without the pieces of wires and unwanted substances.

5. Cleaning Stage

After the screening process, the last step includes the cleaning step. Here rubber is collected and cleaned properly. In this process water and cleaning agents are used, once it is cleared then packed and transported to dealing factories where the rubber is used as a raw material to make other products such as shoes, playground turf and other applications of the rubber. This is how Tyre Recycling Sydney works to contribute to the environment.

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