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Top Tips for Keeping Tyres Well Maintained

Posted on 24th, March 2020

It is possible to prevent thousands of accidents that occur each year just by keeping your car tyres well maintained. Hazardous weather is among the factors that put vehicle-tyres at risk especially when not kept in top condition. Following a couple of important tyre-maintenance tips will ensure your car remains ready to go at all times.

Correct Tyre-Specification

The first step is checking whether the vehicle is fitted with the appropriate tyres. It may appear obvious, but it is critical to check your handbook and ascertain this fact. In case one is not available, a Wholesale Tyres dealer Sydney can advise you on the proper kind of tyres your vehicle should have. Always make sure to fit tyres of the same specifications as the original tyres.

Proper Inflation of Tyres

Keep your car tyres inflated to the requirement specified by regulation. Under-inflated tyres normally cause excessive wear along with increasing fuel consumption. Drivers require checking their tyres on a regular basis, looking for bumps, scratches or cuts to their wall together with uneven wear that might have affected their inflation. Check the pressure of your tyres while in cold condition against the recommended inflation rate specified in your handbook. Your vehicle will be more comfortable, offer better performance, and have a longer lifespan in general if you inflate its tyres correctly. Under-inflated tyres compromise how a vehicle handles on the along with its ability to cut through the water. The carcas of tyres is compelled to offset stresses and strains beyond that which its specifications dictate. Over-inflation wears out your tyres quickly, making them require replacement more regularly.

Home Checks

You can perform tyre-checks at home effectively as it is possible to diagnose most problems by simply assessing them visually or by hand. You need to look for splits, scratches, bulges and cracks in the tyres. Objects like stones and nails can also lead to serious damage if they manage piercing or to embed into the treads. Even when no such damage has taken place, a tyre can at times sustain damage without showing any tangible signs. Get in touch with a seasoned expert in tyre repairs Sydney offers if you notice any problems with your car tyres to have them checked and repaired or replaced if necessary.


Tyres can at times lose some pressure if they have been fitted with loose caps. This can happen if the caps do not have proper attachment onto the valves. Tightening the tap ensures that you do not end up losing any pressure. Worn or damaged caps require replacement.


Incorrect alignment of wheels can lead to rapid wearing of tyres in an uneven manner that can affect the safety and handling of your vehicle. Vehicle-manufacturers ensure doing setting proper wheel alignment resulting in a smooth and comfortable ride for car-owners. Steering and suspension parts are worn out in an excessive manner often affect these settings. This happens when for instance one drives against a kerb or hits a pothole. This is an important part of keeping your car-tyres well maintained and a specialist should check them on a regular basis.

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