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Tyre Comparison & Best Tyre Brands in Australia

Posted on 21th, November 2020

Many motorists in Australia put a lot of focus on the engine type, fuel economy, and other features of their vehicles. While all these attributes are important, there is one that should receive equal attention: your Tyres. 

The Tyres on your vehicle are your points of contact on the road. Much of your safety and comfort while driving will depend on their quality. As such, your Tyres must always be in good running condition. More importantly, you must buy the appropriate Tyre brand and type for your vehicle.

It is acceptable to get Cheap Tyres as long as they don’t compromise on quality. At AJAJ Tyres, we stock a wide range of Tyre brands at unbeatable prices, offering you the Best Tyres at Affordable Prices in Sydney. What is important is the tyre quality. Below is a helpful comparison of tyre brands and types to guide your purchasing decision. 

Tyres for SUVs

When choosing Cheap Tyres for SUVs, your primary consideration should be handling and braking capabilities. Stability is not far behind. All these features ensure that you are safe and comfortable on the road. If you are into off-road adventures, you must also look for extra rigidity. 

Michelin tyres come out as the best brand for SUVs. It offers the most value in terms of safety, performance, and durability in wet and dry weather. The most popular tyres are the Latitude Cross, Latitude Sport, and Primary SUV. 

Tyres for Compact Cars

Small cars are affordable, easy to handle, and ideal for city driving. It offers much value for the low price it requires. This way of thinking is typical for owners of compact cars. If you are one of them, your choice of Tyres should reflect this also. 

The most popular Tyre brands for compact cars are Goodyear, Continental, and Michelin tyres. Their Tyre products are durable and offer the most value for their price. 

Tyres for All-Weather Vehicles

All-weather Tyres can stand up to the heat of summer and the cold of winter. They offer good traction, durable treads, and comfort on the road in any weather. However, handling capability is sacrificed to some extent. Also, all-weather tyres could not tolerate extreme temperatures at either end of the spectrum the way that winter or summer tyres can. 

Pirelli is popular among motorists with small to mid-sized cars, while Roadstone is the common choice for owners of bigger vehicles. They offer a high speed rating, excellent handling, and reliable braking features. 

The Most Popular Tyre Brand

Giving away the title of Best Tyre brand is a bit tricky, as the list of types and brands is long. Still, Michelin Tyres would have the honor if a choice must be made. Pirelli and Dunlop are close at second and third. This ranking is based on the purchases made by Australian motorists.  

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