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When to Replace Your Car Tyres?

Posted on 25th, March 2020

The performance of your car tyres is critical to the safety, performance and efficiency of your vehicle. They not only help the safety but also help in improving the looks of the car. It is essential to have a perfect fit for high-quality tyres according to the type of vehicle. The key is to know the right time to replace your tyres in order to maintain sustainability.

AJAJ Tyres, being the most popular tyre centre in Sydney, offers various services to maintain your vehicle’s tyres as well as replacement with top brands tyres.

There is no way to tell exactly how long the tyres would last. However, it usually depends on several quantifiable factors such as the tyre design, climate, driver’s habits and the road conditions. Sometimes the damage is of minor nature that can be easily repaired. However, there would be times when the replacement would only be the solution.

Neglecting basic tyre maintenance can also lead to a need for replacement. Not checking the alignment and rotation, no balancing checks after the tyres have been installed, not checking the wear and tear regularly and improper tyre storage are some other major factors that lead to a need to replace your tyres.

How to know that your car tyres have worn out?

Uneven tread wear is the most common trigger that your tyres send you to alert you about a change. Other than this, if you see any damaged areas, rocks, nails or damaged valve caps, this is also an indicator that you need to replace your car tyres.

Also if you feel any vibration or disturbance while driving, it is advisable to get your tyres checked by a professional such as AJAJ Tyres. Our expert team will give you professional guidance whether you need to repair or get your tyres replaced.

AJAJ Tyres offers tips to its customers in order to maintain the life of the tyres.

· It is recommended to get your tyres inspected once a year by a professional. We at AJAJ Tyres not only sell top-quality tyres but also offer services such as Wheel Alignment, balancing and repairs.
· It is essential to replace your tyres after 7 to 10 years to maintain the quality drive of your car.
· Maintaining correct air pressure and performing regular rotations can increase tyres longevity.
· Maintaining the correct inflation pressure is one of the most important things you can do to look after your tyres.
· Rotating your tyres every 6 months would also help them wear evenly and last longer.

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