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Which Brand Of Tyres Last The Longest In Sydney?

Posted on 24th, March 2020

In Sydney & Australia, Michelin and Hankook Tyres last the longest. This was the conclusion, Canstar Blue, a respected Product Service Review site came to after reviewing 9 of the country’s Top Tyre Brands. In the study, where the company looked at Tyres from brands that included Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Kumho, Dunlop and others – both South Korean, Hankook Tyres, and French Giant in Tyres and Car Racing, Michelin, scored 5 out of 5 in the category of ‘LIfe of Tyre’.

While both Tyres are a ‘Safe Bet’, AJAJ Tyres must point out to its readers that ‘the life of your car, van, SUV or truck’s tyre depends on a number of factors that our staff have detailed for you below.’

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What determines the life of your Car Tyres in Sydney?

1.How you drive your car

The gentler you are with your car when you are behind the wheel, the longer it will last you. Go easy on your baby, and she’ll serve you well beyond the period she’s supposed to. If your car tyres don’t last you as long as you’d like them to, try not to sweat. Instead, look at Tyre Sales and Car Tyre Prices Online in Sydney – you’re bound to find a brand in your budget.

2. The air pressure you maintain your tyres with

Ultimately, what all performance comes down to is pressure. Every tyre comes with a recommended PSI or pressure level which is calculated at Pounds Per Square Inch. If you’ve operated your tyres at your prescribed PSI levels, you will get more out of them than if you haven’t. Simple as that.

3.How effectively your Tyre and Wheel Balancing Centre has paired and rotated your Tyres

Tyres must be changed two at a time – either front wheels or rear wheels – both, at the same time. If you do not change both your front or back wheel tyres, your wheels will not be balanced and neither will your drive be. You will frequently feel your car pulling to the left or to the right. To prevent this, you’ve got to change both your tyres at the same time. AJAJ Tyres offers ‘A second Tyre for half the price of the first one – to check out our deal click here.

Besides pairing your tyres, you’ve also got to rotate them. Speak to your Tyre Service Mechanic at AJAJ Tyres (we have two branches in Yagoona and Ingleburn). Our mechanics will advise you when you need to visit us next to check your Wheel Balance and Wheel Alignment. We provide these services FREE every 6 months after you buy your tyres from us.

4.Weather conditions

Tyres are subject to heat and cold. Check out AJAJ Tyres Summer Tyres if you like here on our Speciality Tyres page. Heat expands rubber while cold contracts it. How well tyre manufacturers have understood the Australian climate and designed their car tyres for it will decide how long tyres manufactured overseas will last here.

According to tests conducted by Canstar, France’s Michelin and South Korea’s Hankook Tyres come out on top for durability. So, if long life from your Car Tyres is what you’re after, then Michelin and Hankookare the brands to go for in Australia.

AJAJ Tyres stocks both brands plus leaders like Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone. We have a tyre for every car, driver and budget. To discuss a tyre that is right for your car plus prices, specials and discounts we have every month, please call us now on 0414 969 969

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