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Why Tyre Recycling Is Important

Posted on 25th, March 2020

In Australia alone, scrap tyres are illegally dumped yearly.

They reach upwards of thousands of tonnes and cost millions of dollars annually.

Not to mention the damage to the environment and the ecosystem.

The impact that dumped tyres have are major and a cause for concern.


At Ajaj Tyres we deal with the recycling of tyres in an appropriate way.


If you haven’t yet, consider tyre recycling because:   

– Tyres Cause Dengue Fever

You read that right. Even if the dumped tyres are less in number, they can still be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

These mosquitoes can carry diseases like Dengue Fever. Of course, it is not just because of dumped tyres.

But it is a significant factor. It also questions Australia’s way of managing discarded tyres.

In 2007, Australia started to rade in waste tyres. This led to increased Dengue Fever virus in Vietnam, where Australia would ship its pile of waste tyres.

These health concerns led to the ban on exporting waste tyres.

– Fires Caused By Tyres

Tyres are made of rubber and are easily combustible. Apart from that, once they are on fire, it can be hard to put it out.

These fires emit toxins that are bad for human health, as well as animals, water, and the environment.

If discarded tyres are not properly disposed of, they can be lit on fire from bushfires.

An incident like this has occurred in Moyston, Victoria, 2015 and other occasions in the past.

Tyre fires are on the rise, as reported by NSW Fire and Rescue Service.

– Tyres Cause Toxicity

It is not only lighting tyres on fire that can emit toxins in the environment. It does not matter how they are disposed of, either dumped in a landfill or burnt.

If the tyres are not properly recycled, it releases a number of toxins that are hazardous to the atmosphere as well as human life.

These toxins, like lead, mercury, arsenic and so on are known to cause cancer and autism in people.

Recycling your tyres can help towards the conservation of forests and preserving the environment, minimizing the damage done.

At Ajaj Tyres, we take care of unwanted tyres by separating them into basic components

and putting those components to good use in other projects. If you want to play your part in helping the environment,

contact us at 0414 969 969, or via the “Contact Us” tab on our website.

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