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AJAJ Tyres offers Best Tyre Prices Chipping Norton. And not only that, we are now in your location to render every assistance to you. Our Tyres and related parts undergo rigorous methods to be checked for defects because we never compromise with our quality. Alongside offering Best Tyre Prices and seasonal Tyre offers, we also ship your products as soon as we receive a confirmation of your order. Each and every employee is well qualified and thoroughly acquainted with the job inside out. AJAJ Tyres Chipping Norton shall never disappoint you.

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Tyres for Sale Chipping Norton

If you are looking for Wholesale Tyre Prices you have come to the right place. You will find varieties of Tyres in stock, all from major Tyre Brands ranging from 13” to 22”, budget brands and equipment Tyres. Silverstone Tyres, a most sought after Tyre Brand, for instance, produces the best high quality Tyres:

  • Summer Tyres – they are made with in-built capacity to tolerate temperature above 7 degree Centigrade. Grab your heat resistant Tyres today.
  • Winter Tyres – you can also purchase special winter skid resistant Tyres. Composed of a unique tread rubber they are well equipped to perform flawlessly on ice roads and adequately combat temperatures below 7 degree centigrade. Want a smooth ride for a snowy terrain? Grab your special Winter Tyres now.
  • 4×4 Tyres – already planned a trip to a hilly terrain that may involve a fair amount of mountain biking? We bring to you our 4×4 Tyres perfectly suitable for all kinds of topographical challenges and terrains especially off roads and rocky, rugged, uneven surfaces. They deliver the best performance in deserts and snowy areas as well. Our reliable, super strong and durable Tyres have got your back for all your off-road escapades.

Silverstone Tyres are subject to advanced technologies. These A1 Tyres are a perfect fit for any kind of vehicle and are long lasting, weather resistant, durable. Our collection also includes brands like Hankook, Pace, Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, Naxen, Windforce etc.

Tyre Recycling

Regardless of how many miles a Tyre travels, it cannot be used for more than ten years past its manufacture date. The rubber grows brittle and is likely crack. Our Tyre recycle facilities and programs ensure these scrap Tyres are shredded and recycled. With state-of-the-art Equipment designs and technology we eliminate the challenge these used Tyres may pose to the environment. Hundreds of millions of Tyres are discarded each year and their disposal represents a serious global problem. Stockpiling used Tyres can lead to rampant fires, illegal dumping paves the way for pollutants, pests and insects. Burning them emits harmful compounds. AJAJ Tyres takes care of these problems by exploring more eco-friendly recycling alternatives. These processes are not just environmentally but also economically attractive.

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Additional Services

Additionally, we provide a host of other Tyre services that include:

  • Tyre Repair and Restoration– we deal with any and every kind of Tyre repair from Tyres punctuated at 1.6mm deep to repairs that involve severely damaged, burnt or punctured Tyres. We also restore wheels that have been bent or chipped to their former glory to ensure they look as good as new.
  • Scratched rim repair- if you have scratched your rims, AJAJ Tyres (will assist you. We can furnish you with all the relevant information and recommendations pertaining to painting, polishing. Straightening and clear coating rims to ensure they are brand new again.
  • Wheel bent repair- our team is experienced and skilled to attend to your Tyre requirements and repairing bent wheels to make it better and safer for you and your close ones. AJAJ Tyres uses top notch welding equipment to enhance your wheels.

Whatever your Tyre requirements may be AJAJ Tyres is your one-stop Tyre and Wheels shop when it comes to Best Deal on Tyres and seasonal Tyre offers including our Buy one get 2nd at half price offer. Contact us now to book our Tyre services.

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