Continental Tyres

Continental is a well-respected and fairly large German tyre manufacturer that makes original equipment in use by many high-end cars. It is based in Hanover, Germany and takes the fourth spot globally in the tyre market, having over forty plants as well as testing tracks all around the globe. AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) & Wheels Sydney presents a wide range of continental tyres to its clients.

  • 4×4 Contact
    This version of tyre provides consistent high performance and comes fitted as original equipment to several 4×4 and SUVs.
  • 4×4 Contact SSR
    This kind of tyre offers continuous high performance and comes fitted with a number of 4×4 vehicles and SUVs.
  • 4×4 Sport Contact
    Continental’s Street or Sport Summer tyre is customised for powerful vehicles on four wheel drive and avails to them superb road performance.
  • 4×4 Winter Contact
    Expect superb braking and traction performance in all conditions of winter. The tread design adopted offers improved dispersal of water.
  • 4×4 Winter Contact SSR
    This Runflat 4×4 Winter Contact version affords drivers amazing levels of traction and braking performance under all winter conditions.
  • Contact CT22
    Continental CT 22 is a great tyre that built to suit family motoring vehicles.
  • ContiTrac
    The ContiTrac is a tyre developed by Continental for contemporary cars and light trucks.
  • Cross Contact AT
    The Continental Cross Contact AT is an open outer shoulder tyre-design offers good properties of handling and braking even when driving on easy terrain.
  • Cross Contact LX
    CrossContact LX is the premium All-Season tyre suitable for driving on highways.
  • Cross Contact LX2
    The 4×4 tyre Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2 delivers superb handling when driven on roads and suits light off-road use too.

Continental Extreme Contact DW and DWS:

The Extreme Contact is an ideal range of ultra-high performance Continental tyres that compare very well with some of the high-performance tyres made by competing for top brands. The DWS is designed to provide great experiences to drivers operating under wet conditions of weather. The DW is somewhat customised for pure motorsports. It’s possibly still good to use in the rain but is not optimised very well for winter driving. The media and users of this range of tyres have both acknowledged the superb nature of these tyres.

Continental Tyres

Continental CrossContact

Continental Cross Contact is the next evolution of General Grabber HTS, which is a new all-season truck tyre made by General tyres. Users of this version of Continental tyre can look forward to a brilliant all-round experience. It provides satisfactory wet-braking performance and feels totally in control at such times.

Continental tyres should come in handy for driving in different parts of Australia. AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) & Wheels Sydney can provide them in any specification whether by their size or your vehicle-type. It includes passenger vehicles, light trucks, 4x4s, SUVs and even commercial vehicles. We have a seasoned team of professionals to advise you on the exact type which goes well with your vehicle. They can supply and install an array of New Tyres to any vehicle. Call us for further help on ask for quotes via our website.

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