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A Five-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Car Tyres – Are You Doing It Right?

Posted on 12th, November 2019

As the leaders for Cheap Tyre Sales in Sydney, AJAJ Tyres knows better than anyone that a regularly washed car looks great and makes you proud to be seen driving it. However, when it comes to properly wash your car, there’s one part that’s often left on the backburner: your tyres. After all, washing your tyres properly is important for more than just cosmetic reasons, they also prevent issues further down the line such as brake dust or other elements from damaging or ruining your tyres.

Here’s a guide from AJAJ Tyres, industry experts who provide Quality Tyres at Wholesale Prices Sydney, on the correct way to clean your tyres.


Guide to Cleaning Your Car Tyres

A Step By Step Guide On The Right Way To Clean Your Car Tyres

Step 1: Use the Proper Cleaning Agent

Using the proper cleaning agent not only cleans your tyres properly but ensures you don’t damage it in the process. If you are uncertain about which cleaning solution to opt for, a safe bet is to choose one that is marked as safe for all types of tyres. A tyre cleaning solution is formulated step A Five-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Car Tires – Are You Doing It Right?cifically to help loosen and clean brake dust from both metal and the tiny pores in the rubber. You will be able to achieve a much better clean and get your tyres looking good by using the right cleaning agent.

Step 2: Use the Right Brushes

Using a stiff brush to clean your tyres is recommended. These brushes along with the cleaning agent will ensure sufficient cleaning of brake dust and other elements. Tyres have lots of nooks and crannies as well as tiny pores, so we suggest a brush with stiff nylon bristles to access these parts with ease.

Step 3: Rinse Tyres with Strong Force

To ensure that products don’t dry and stain the tyres, it is recommended that you clean one tyre at a time. Furthermore, rinsing the tyres with strong water force is recommended to not only aid in cleaning brake dust but also any chemicals used to clean it.

Step 4: Dry Your Tyres with Specific Clothes or Towels

Set aside clothes or rags specifically for your tyres. Brake dust and grease permanently stain clothes and by using the same cloth on the rest of you have an r car, you are risking scratching or staining it. We recommend using microfibre cloths or terry cloth towels. Drying your tyres yourself rather than simply letting them dry under the sun can also prevent unwanted water spots as well as allowing you to double-check if you missed anything.

Step 5: Tyre Protection

If you want to take the extra step in keeping your tyres and healthy and pleasing to the eye, you can also use high-quality wax or graze. They help keep the surface of your tyres shiny as well as protect against future corrosion.

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