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Milperra Tyres Sale & Wheel Services

AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) is your one-stop Tyre shop. With specials like Buy 1 Get 2nd Tyre for 50% Off on certain Tyres Brands & Sizes, you have the type of prices that are bargain rates.

We also offer a full range of services that make Tyre and wheel services a breeze, including:

Tyre Brands

At AJAJ, you don’t have to think about getting your preferred Tyre or putting a dent on your pocket. We have thousands of Tyres stashed in our store that ranges from top international Tyre Brands to budget and premium Tyres:

Tyres for Sale

We stock a large range of Tyres sized from 13″ to 22″ to fit Sedans, Trucks, 4x4s, Vans, Light trucks, Sports, Commercial Vans and Summer & Winter Tyres.

Milppera Tyres For Sale

Tyres on Special Offers

Offer 1

Buy 1 Tyre and Get the 2nd Tyre for Half Price (*Only On Selected Tyre Brands and Sizes*CONDITIONS APPLY*)

Offer 2

175/70r13 – $88

185/75r14 – $100

195/75r14 – $105

185/70r14 – $100

195/70r14 – $100 (*CONDITIONS APPLY)

Call any numbers for more information on Offers:

Yagoona: (02) 9793 9285

Ingleburn: (02) 8798 7610

Mob: 0414 969 969

Tyre Restoration & Repairs, Milperra

Tyre punctures can happen anytime, on the road or in your driveway. Most Tyre punctures can be repaired, provided they are no larger than a 3/8 of an inch in diameter. Our master mechanics quickly assess your Tyre damage and can then determine if the Tyre can be repaired or restored. Most Tyre Repairs take about thirty minutes for our mechanics.

Tyre Recycling

While it might be convenient, Tyre dumping does leave a terrible impact on the environment.  Vehicle owners have the peace of mind that when they bring their old Tyres to us, we will recycle the Tyres into new rubber that will be used for many different uses.  Tyre Recycling means that the Tyres won’t end up in a landfill or other plot, creating a hazard to the environment like toxic waste.  Our Tyre Recycling is free and available for any Tyre size.

Wheel Repair & Restoration

Wheels can experience a terrible amount of damage through everyday driving.  Gouges, chips, cracks and bent wheels from misjudging the curb when parking can create cosmetic damage, and can wear on the Tyres causing a terrible vibration.  Our mechanics offers Wheel Repair & Restoration that will have your wheels back to new condition without any damage to your paint from machining or repainting the wheels.  Our techniques and facilities are first rates and our mechanics is the best in Milperra.

Contact Us Today

For wholesale Tyre prices in Milperra, or to speak to one of our mechanics, call at Yagoona: (02) 9793 9285, Ingleburn: (02) 8798 7610 OR Mob: 0414 969 969

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To receive a high quality Tyre Services in Sydney at an affordable price contact us
Yagoona Tyre Shop
(02) 9793 9285
51 Rookwood Road, Yagoona Sydney NSW, 2199
Ingleburn Tyre Shop
(02) 8798 7610
1/21 Stennett Road, Ingleburn Sydney, NSW 2565
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