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    • We are dedicated to having all maintenance completed in a timely fashion – Strathfield South

    We are dedicated to having all maintenance completed in a timely fashion – Strathfield South

    Whatever be your Tyre and Wheel needs, the right solution is with us. Our wide range of services will cater to all your demands. Additionally, our inventory is stocked with leading Tyre brands who have earned global excellence and has a strong presence in the global markets. Being the only supplier of thousands of Tyres including budget and premium Tyres from international Brands, we offer the widest range of Tyres to all segments- heavy-duty trucks, tractors, cars, light commercial vehicles, trailers and motorcycles, 4WDs and even mud Tyres.

    Our services include-

    Strathfield South Ajaj Tyres

    Tyre Fitting

    Tyres are the main connecting link between your vehicle and the road. Improperly fitted Tyres can be more dangerous than you know. Our professional experts at AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres and wheels Sydney) are more than equipped to help fit your Tyres precisely for superior grip and better handling. In order to receive satisfactory service from your Tyre investment, it’s crucial that you check on your Tyres for proper fitting and balance. Or, we can do it for you.

    Tyre Rotation

    You know what is an essential part of Tyre maintenance? Rotation them frequently. It allows for more or less uniform tread wear for all your Tyres. You may incur a significant amount of irregular wear if not rotated properly. We offer Tyre rotation services in addition to checking and adjusting the inflation pressures. Overinflated or underinflated Tyres may lead to inferior handling, improper fuel consumption, and road hazards.

    Front wheel alignment

    Any significant encounters with potholes may severely misalign your wheels. If your car tends to drift on its own or if you feel shaking or vibration you may want to get your wheels checked. We ensure that your front wheels are properly aligned to the centre line of the car to prevent handling problems with your vehicle. We conduct a thorough inspection of every suspension and steering to determine causes before we begin the task at hand.

    Premium wheel balancing

    A constant vibration or noise while driving your vehicle is a sign that your wheels may not be balanced correctly. Your wheel and Tyre unit cannot be out of round even slightly for this tend to worsen while you are on the road and can significantly increase the wear on your Tyres, shock absorbers, and bearings and is likely to affect your steering and the entire suspension system. At AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) we will make sure that our top-notch wheel and Tyre balancing will address these problems and eliminate them via necessary measures.

    Wheel bent repair

    Bent wheels may not look like a problem initially but it can yield negative consequences for your vehicle. They may cause your steering wheel to constantly shake and lead your wheel bearings to incur significant damage. We have a team of skilled and experienced mechanics who will assist you in repairing those wheels and guarantee a safer and more comfortable drive. Our fully certified welders use the best and most advanced welding techniques to fix cracking or gutter damage.

    Zoom tyres are your best price Tyres Fairfield store. Our discounted prices don’t imply compromised quality. We take extra care to ensure our valuable customers are well attended to with top-notch Tyre and Wheel services in Sydney. Additionally, if your vehicle cannot reach us give us a call and we will come to you. For the best deal on Tyres and Wholesale Tyre prices we are your one-stop-shop. Help us assist you. Contact us today.

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