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    Tyre Sales Yennora 2161

    We don’t take Tyres for granted – and neither should you!

    Tyres are the main connecting formula between your car and the road. At AJAJ Tyres, we understand the importance of Quality Tyres At Affordable Prices for a smooth and safe driving experience. While extremely common, getting a flat Tyre may be one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to you on the road. Our services will cover that and a lot more. In addition, we will talk you through all our procedures and offers step by step so that you know exactly what you are dealing with.

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    Wheel Alignment

    Also known variously as tracking or braking, we carry out this process when we have to fix a vehicle’s wheels into their optimum position adhering to the manufacturer’s specifications. To divide the balance and ensure the tread on each wheel wears down at equal rates, this is necessary. Wheel alignment may also work wondrous when it comes to enhancing fuel consumption considerably. Our mechanics are experts when it comes to front wheel alignment. It ensures the proper and precise alignment of the front wheels to the centre line of the car. We will eradicate any handling problems you may be having with your vehicle.

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    Premium Wheel Balancing

    A vibration in your car or steering wheel has red flags written all over. This usually implies that your Tyres and wheels are not balanced correctly. This will probably worsen while driving and increase chances of wear on Tyres, bearings and shock absorbers. At AJAJ Tyres, we will ensure your problems are minimised and you receive the ultimate Tyre solutions.  In addition, we also offer wheel and Tyre Restoration and Repairing Yennora, damaged wheel repair, scratched rim repair, wheel polishing and much more. We offer a number of exceptional services that include-

    All you have to do is get in touch with us today so that you can have your vehicle outfitted immediately. For more queries and Seasonal Tyre Offers Yennora contact us today to help us pave the way for a smooth ride

    Tyres for Sale

    Our inventory including budget and premium Tyres will rightly fit your vehicle type. Our Tyres for Sale include sizes from 13” to 22” perfectly suited for Sedans, SUVs, Utes, 4WDs, Light trucks, commercial Vans, 4x4s and many more.

    Tyre Fitting

    AJAJ Tyres, specialising in Tyres Sale, is well trained backed by years of expertise and experience to provide extensive and specialised Tyre fitting services. This is crucial for you and your vehicle. Tyre fitting eliminates chances of accidents through precise vehicle balance and eradicates all possibilities of vibration during drives. Our staff is thorough with the details and ensures the task at hand is done quickly and efficiently guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the fact that you are valued and prioritized. Additionally, we also offer alignment of new Tyres, round checkup and wheel rotation.

    We are here to provide you with one stop Tyres and wheels services in Yennora. If you are looking for Wholesale Tyre Prices and quality products you have come to the right place. Our offers, products, services and prices are unbeatable. With us, your Tyres are in safe and reliable hands.

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