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    Tyres for Sale Near Me

    We’re Competitive. Given we’re from Yagoona, you’d expect us to be For competitively Priced Tyres and Personal Service, just look for ” tyres for sale near me” visit us today.

    With over 100,000 Tyres sold, we are Sydney’s Car Tyre Experts For competitively  Priced Tyres and Personal Service please visit us today.

    AJAJ Tyres is a tyre wholesaler with two branches located in Yagoona, Liverpool and Ingleburn, Bankstown. We stock literally thousands of car tyres from Goodyear, Firestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop and others. Thanks to our competitive prices, excellent customer service, Sale Specials and FREEBIES we throw in occasionally, our clients don’t just come to us from Yagoona but also surrounding suburbs like Bass Hill, Birrong, Campbelltown, Chester Hill and Condell Park.

    tyres for sale near me

    What we deliver besides tyres – VALUE

    At AJAJ Tyres, tyres are only part of the package. Besides tyres, our staff will also throw in FREEBIES like Wheel Balancing, for example.

    Yes, as we fix your tyres, we will balance them for you better than Sigmund Freud will (he’s a famous psychologist by the way).

    In addition to the widest range of Competitively Priced Tyres in Sydney, and Wheel Balancing, we also provide Wheel Alignment Services. Wheel Alignment is very important for the SAFETY of your car while driving it.

    If your wheels aren’t aligned properly, you will experience what we call ”DRAG” in the industry.  Hardly an experience out of Priscilla, Queen of Desert, DRAG will make your car’s steering to veer to one side. This will wear out one tyre before it wears out the others. A damaged tyre can cause an accident on the road.


    This Summer, what you want to be is SAFE

    You don’t take chances with the safety of a few things. Your FAMILY for example. In Summer, your tyres can easily ‘blow’ when temperatures soar about 37 degrees Centigrade. To be extra safe, do enquire about our Summer Tyres. A new concept in tyre manufacturing, Summer Tyres are not something Sydneysiders are familiar with. They are basically, designed to withstand the very high temperatures car tyres can be subjected to in the harsh summer that the Great Australian Desert brings on.

    Budgets bring out the best in us

    At AJAJ Tyres, we have something for everyone. Yes, we have Pirelli if you want it, but what we also have is budget brands that are very robust when it comes to providing what ALL our clients are after. DURABILITY.

    At AJAJ Tyres, we don’t just sell tyres

    We understand what you want from your tyres – it could be comfort, durability, grip, economy, strength – our technicians listen to what’s important to YOU – and only then recommend the tyre brand which if you’re pleased with- we fit your car with.

    What goes with our Service – a Smile

    What’s even more mandatory than a handshake at our garage is a smile. Our people are trained to go the extra mile – and that extra mile is a smile – particularly if you’re a customer who’s returning to buy a second set of tyres form us.

    We value loyalty and from time to time we issue special offers, packages and sales that are exclusive to customers who’ve been with us for 6 months or more.

    How we’ve built our business – inside out

    The History of AJAJ Tyres is we started our business in <xxxxxx> with a single tyre shop at Yagoona in Bankstown. Thanks to meticulous service, competitively priced car, van and truck tyres and a responsiveness to our client’s requests for additional services such as wheel balancing and alignment, we have grown to today being a company that has sold more than 100,000 tyres. This has turned us into something of experts in the Tyre Business and we today service both retail; and wholesale markets under the AJAJ Car Tyres and the Zoom Tyres brands.

    Sale of the Century

    At AJAJ Tyres, we always seek to deliver Value over and above what our customers expect. So, we don’t just sell tyres, we try and package them up in Value Bundles. This Summer, for example, we have a Special Deal for ALL Customers. “Buy a Second Tyre from Us and We will Give It to You at Half-Price! It’s just to say ‘Thank You for Shopping with Us.’

    The Suburbs we Serve

    Although we started with just two branches at Yagoona, Bankstown and Ingleburn, Liverpool, our customers hail from many more places.

    Recently, we studied our database and discovered that these are the major suburbs our clients come from:

    Can you guess which is Australia’s best Car Tyre? (can run this as a competition- instant win- Voucher – FREE alignment)

    The Jury is out and the brand that takes the trophy for Best Car Tyre in Australia according to Independent Car Tyre Review Site is MICHELIN.

    Do the French know their Tyres?

    Better than they even know Souffle, it appears. The French have been running The Paris Dakar Rally the most grueling race in the world for decades.

    Nothing puts a Tyre through its paces than the Paris Dakar Rally does. Driven by The Spirit of Adventure, the rally attracts the world’s best drivers. Attracted by the challenge, driven by it, Michelin is as French as Paris is. And that is why the world has well, fallen in love with it.

    Which Tyre for You- how to choose a Tyre that’s right for your car

    It’s simpler than you might think it is. Car manufacturers specify the Tyre standards that go with their brand. All our technicians know these standards like they know the back of their hand. Buying the right Tyre is important for your drive to be SAFE. At AJAJ Tyres, we know this very well- so will never recommend a TYRE – no matter how high performance it is – if it will make your car, van, truck or UTE unsafe on the roads.

    Put experience, versatility and flexibility to work for you

    Highly experienced, versatile, and with a history in selling tyres, balancing wheels and aligning service to expectations, we are leaders in this business in Sydney. And we are very proud of the expertise we have built up over the last three decades in business. If you have a need for a good set of Tyres, Tyres you can’t go wrong with- then we are the people you should be talking to.

    Service with a Smile That’s what AJAJ Tyres is all about!
    We are experts using our expertise to deliver quality services on time and on budget.
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