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    Specialty Tyres for 4 wheel-drives, Trucks, Cars, Jeeps and Cars.

    What you need for a Dirty Weekend – the right 4WD Tyres.

    Specialty Tyres are performance driven, high endurance tyres that can take on any terrain with rugged ease.

    Specialty tyres can take you places that dreams are made up of. Ajaj Tyres helps you to understand which specialty tyre is right for you.

    We offers a wide range of specialty tyres near you. If you are looking for the best specialty tyres across Australia, Ajaj Tyres is the store to visit.

    Specialty Tyres - Ajaj Tyres

    Let’s be clear about dirty weekends – we love them.  But only when our 4WD’s, Tracks, Vans or Jeeps have the right ‘All-terrain’ or ‘Mud Tyres‘ on them.

    AJAJ Car Tyres is a Car Tyre Warehouse unlike any other.  One of the biggest Tyre Service Warehouses in South-West Sydney, at AJAJ Tyres,

    we have 2 showrooms, one at 51 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199 and the other at  1/21 Stennett Road, Ingleburn, NSW 2565.

    We stock a huge range of brands

    Big Tyre brands like PirelliDunlopGoodyearContinental and Bridgestone.

    Also, emerging Tyre brands like Achilles, Kumho KH18, Minerva and Lizetti that are affordable with prices that start from just $88 upward.

    Over 100,000 Car, Truck and 4WD Tyres sold to date.

    At AJAJ Tyres, we have sold a lot of Tyres in our lifetime. Over 100,000 to be more precise.

    Yet, it is not our Tyres that keep our customers coming back for more, it is the Customer Service we provide.

    Customer Service to us is not just about being polite, courteous and honest (these are basics in our business),

    it is about ensuring we stock the brands that your needs.

    At AJAJ, you will find Car Tyres, Truck Tyres, Tyres for your 4 Wheel Drive, Mud Tyres, Summer Tyres, Budget Tyres, Tyres for your Van, Ute, Jeep; even Tyres for your weekend Mini Cooper.

    The Price is always Right at AJAJ Tyres

    Sensitive about your needs, we make it a point to stock brands you can afford.  The Price will always be right when you shop for your Car Tyres at our warehouses.

    This is part of our Service Package and our Service Guarantee to you.

    What are Speciality Tyres and why do they matter?

    Speciality Tyres are Tyres that must work in Extreme Conditions.

    Take Trucks, for instance. They must carry Heavy Payloads. Heavy items like Bricks, Timber, Petrol, Iron Rods, Steel, Building and Construction Materials and so on.

    Ordinary Tyres would capsize under the pressure of such loads. So Truckies need Speciality Tyres reinforced with heavy steel belts that take the maximum pressure their payloads dictate.

    4 WD’s and off-road vehicles also need special tyres

    The tread is different for off 4 wheel-drives and off-road vehicles like Range Rovers or Subaru Forresters.

    These vehicles use what we call ‘Open Tread ‘ Tyres. They are simply what you need to navigate rocks and to climb them – without getting out of your vehicle!

    Got a Trip to the Outback planned – or a long drive top the country?

    You need Speciality Tyres which we can recommend depending on your vehicle and the destination you’re driving to.

    Summer is here – and so Is the pressure!

    During Summer, temperatures can reach up to 47 degrees. Last year, the hottest temperatures were recorded in Penrith which reached 47.2 degrees on Jan 87 2018,

    reported The Sydney Morning Herald in an article published last year.

    If your Tyres can’t withstand the pressure, they will explode. If you’re on the road at this time with your family, you can have an accident.

    At AJAJ Tyres, that’s why we encourage our clients to change to Summer Tyres in Summer. We have sets available in-store now.

    What’s wrong with a dirty weekend this Summer?

    Nothing, at all. Provided you’ve fitted the right Tyres on your Car. With 30 years of experience in selling Tyres direct to customers and to retailers.

    We know Tyres the way a builder knows its bricks or the Train knows its tracks. If you’re looking for a new set of Tyres, do drop in to see us.

    Our Tyre Technicians will be only too happy to chat about what you want from your ride – and recommend the Tyres that will give it to you.

    We At AJAJ Tyres Offer:

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    To receive a high quality Tyre Services in Sydney at an affordable price contact us
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    (02) 9793 9285
    51 Rookwood Road, Yagoona Sydney NSW, 2199
    Ingleburn Tyre Shop
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    1/21 Stennett Road, Ingleburn Sydney, NSW 2565
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