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How To Dispose Of Or Manage Waste Tyres In Yagoona Or Ingleburn?

Posted on 15th, November 2021

Managing Waste Tyres or Waste Tyre Management is a tedious process as most people want to dispose of their tyres properly, i.e., in an eco-friendly way.

At AJAJ Tyres, you can do both. Please dispose of your old tyres in exchange for new ones and say goodbye to the hassles of finding the perfect tyres for your vehicle as we have it all!

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Why Is Waste Tyre Management Necessary?

Here at AJAJ Tyres, we work directly with TSA, a.k.a. Tyre Stewardship Australia and Tyre cycle in a partnership to secure a uniform approach to the non-hazardous and environmentally friendly disposal of scrap tyres. Tyres can be reused for productive purposes in the future, taking on a second life and fitting regulatory compliance requirements.

AJAJ eliminates the risk of scrap tyres being dumped in landfills, burnt or left on temporarily leased fields or properties by unscrupulous dealers. The long term societal and environmental costs on local flora, fauna, waterways and the population from reckless tyre disposal should be reduced to a minimum. Tyre cycle’s admission into national resource recovery in 1992 has it well-positioned to recycle trash rubber, constantly developing methods to prevent waste rubber from entering landfills. Waste tyre management is inclusive of the quoted price of your new tyre service.

Manage Waste Tyres With A Certified Tyre Company

Tyre Stewardship Australia is an ACCC approved, licensed, and government-supported industry framework that works to minimise the environmental, wellness and safety impacts for tyres that reach their end of life every year. At AJAJ Tyres, we aim to reduce the volume of tyres harming the environment in landfills, dumped illegally or exported abroad. Hence AJAJ is proud to partner with TSA, and we have come up with all types of measures to reduce the harm.

Manage Waste Tyres — Say Goodbye To The Hassles

AJAJ Tyres and TSA have entered into a partnership to ensure that uniform measures are taken for the environmentally friendly disposal of waste tyres. Tyres can be recycled and reused for productive purposes in the future to fulfil the regulatory compliance requirements. The team of AJAJ tyres truly believes in recycling waste tyres as it turns out beneficial for both customers and nature.

Tyre Legislation: Environmental and Management Issues

Scrap tyres pose an environmental pollution threat essentially due to the potential emissions and discharges from tyre fires. In addition to contamination difficulties, waste tyres can generate the following issues:

Disposal Of Waste Tyres

Licensed waste tyre carriers (controlled waste carriers like ours) have commercial arrangements with proper tyre disposal and recycling providers, and the price of managing the material may be included in the carrier’s contract price. Also, some parts of Australian legislation requires that licensed carriers should be used to transport scrap tyres when dealing with commercial activities and bulk quantities of used tyres.

Contact AJAJ Tyres To Get Great Deals While Exchanging Old Tyres!

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