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What To Check When Purchasing New Tyres

Posted on 28th, April 2021

Tyres are the vehicle’s most important safety feature and the thicker the tyres, the higher your chances of reaching your destination alive. This is because they are the vehicle’s only contact with the road.

Even the strongest engines, the highest technical brakes and the most advanced anti-skid systems are at the mercy of the tyre’s grip on the road. To help you check the safety of the new tyres, we have compiled a small list of features that a tyre must be accompanied with.

Choose The Correct Size

The biggest mistake a consumer can make is to choose the wrong size of tyres. There are few things to check for the tyre’s size such as the type of tyre, the width of the tyre across the tread in millimeters, radial construction, the diameter of the rim in inches, the tyre’s speed and load rating, and the season for which the tyre is suitable. Tyre Size is mentioned on the sidewall of each tyre.

New Tyres For Sale

Summer and Winter Tyres Sale Sydney

Yes, you heard that right, different tyres for different seasons. If you live in dry and less cold areas, the type of tyre doesn’t matter. You can have the summer tyre installed all year, however, if you live in snowy areas, you are gonna need a lot of traction.

Winter tyre’s design has the ability to have more control over the car on the wet roads. Winter tyres have more rubber compounds that remain soft under low temperatures. M+S is marked on these type of tyres which suggests that the tyre can be used in low-temperature conditions whether dry, wet, snowy or icy.

Now it doesn’t matter what sort of car you possess, whether it’s an Audi or a Toyota, the kind of tyres you have determine your ride. It depends on your needs; do you like a firm ride or soft ride? Do you like to rev up your speedometer or increase your speeds slowly? How much loads you’ll be carrying in your vehicle? You need to ask these questions before going for a purchase.

Call Ajaj Tyres for Sale Sydney at 0414 969 969 and check out the most efficient and reasonably priced tyres in Ingleburn and Yagoona. Our professionals can guide you about the type of tyre you require. You can notify them about all your needs and they’ll enlighten you with the information about tyres. You can also email us info@ajajtyres.com.au.

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