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Is Wheel Balancing and Alignment Necessary For A Car?

Posted on 28th, January 2022

Maintaining Wheel Balance and Alignment assures the long run of a car’s tyres. Besides the Wheel’s life, it is also significant for your own safety on the road. This blog will convey the true meaning of Wheel Alignment and balancing and why it is essential for a car. These are two separate terms that are commonly confused. So let’s clear this concept before we understand the importance of the two.

Wheel Alignment and Balancing - AJAJ Tyres

What is Wheel Alignment?

The primary identification of a poor alignment is that your vehicle will noticeably get dragged to a side (right or left) while driving. There could be several reasons behind faulty alignment, like:

In any of these cases, you need to immediately take your car to a mechanic. Wheels alignment assistance includes the adjustment of wheel angles, tread wear check, and the examination of the caster, camber and toe. When these three components are set in an accurate position, your car wheels will be aligned and oriented.

What is Wheel Balancing?

The second crucial thing in the orientation of wheels is the balance of tyres. A skilled driver can detect this fault in the car, even if it is a test drive. The unbalancing identification is that your car will vibrate or shake when you reach speed. The primary reason behind this fault is the tread wear of tyres. At times, the coil springs of the shocks get older, which can cause the unbalancing of a car. During repairing this fault, a mechanic will check out the wheels on a calibrated spin balance. He will check and improve both the static and dynamic phases and fix them mechanically. Nowadays, this process has become easier with automated wheel balancing.


Wheel alignment and balancing are necessary for a car to have safe and smooth driving. If your car’s tyres have crossed their shelf life, and the tread wear has scrubbed, your vehicle will not provide you with a smooth drive, even on a slick and straight road. However, you might face these hitches if your car wheels are not balanced or aligned:

When your car’s tyres are balanced and aligned according to the recommended proportions, you travel in comfort. The vehicle will not vibrate much, the movements are according to your steering command, you are safer, and tires will have a good grip even on slippery roads.

If you require Wheel Alignment or Balancing or Wheel services, please feel free to reach out to the team of AJAJ Tyres, and we will take care of all your tyre-related needs!

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