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Tyres play an essential role in road safety. Good quality Tyres not only ensure a more secure driving experience but also optimises your vehicle’s performance. People trust big brand names for quality Tyres, which are usually high priced. This price structure plays a major role why many of us don’t get new Tyres fitted as soon as we should.

When you are investing in Tyres, you are essentially investing in your life. But, considering the budget constraints, Zoom Tyres offers you the best Tyre brands from across the world at unbelievable wholesale prices. We have highly qualified technicians to assist you with your Tyre Fittings, selecting the perfect Tyres from our available Tyres Sale and the regular Tyre Repairs or Wheel Alignment services. Just give us a call at 0414 969 969 or (02) 9793 9285 and we will be at your assistance anywhere in Yagoona.

Tyres for Sale Yagoona

We sell Tyres, Supply Tyres and offer Tyre Fittings, Wheel Balancing along with Minor and Major Tyre repairs. We also repair batteries, brake pads and their replacements.

Tyre Brands

Zoom Tyres offers all Tyre Brands from all price and quality groups, at wholesale prices. Our inventory is extremely extensive and includes all the massive brands, like CeatCooper Tires, Continental, Nankang, Diamondback, Toyo, Dunlop, Silverstone, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Hankook, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Sumitomo, Titan and what not!
If you want to be safe on the road while driving your automobile, you need Zoom Tyres to cater to all your Tyre requirements. We guarantee you the first-class choice in quality Tyres Brands, services, and Tyre offers that cannot be beaten.

Special Offers:


Sizes included in the offer

  • 175/70R13
  • 185/75R14
  • 195/75R14
  • 185/70R14
  • 195/70R14
  • 175/65R14
  • 185/65R14
  • 195/65R14
  • 215/65R14
  • 185/60R14
  • 205/70R15
  • 185/65R15
  • 195/65R15
  • 205/65R15
  • 185/60R15
  • 195/60R15
  • 205/60R15
  • 215/65R16
  • 215/60R16
  • 225/60R16
  • 235/60R16
  • 225/65R17
  • 235/65R17
  • 215/45R17
  • 235/45R17
  • 245/45R18
  • 225/45R18
  • 235/40R18
  • 245/35R19
  • 235/55R19
  • 245/35R20
  • 245/50R20
  • 275/45R20

*more sizes available
{ Prices Include GST, Free Fitting, Free Wheel Balancing, Free Tubeless Valves, Free Safety Check }

*Conditions apply

If you can’t find the size you want, Call us and we will find the right size for you that’s on offer

Other Tyres Related Services

  • Tyres Fitting
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tyres Repairs
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Tyres & Wheel Restorations
  • Tyres Recycling

Something about us…

Zoom Tyres, formally known as AJAJ Tyres, offers its extensive range of Tyres for Sale services in Yagoona. Having decades-long experience, we are the one-stop solution for fine, high quality Tyres at wholesale rates. We provide car proprietors with the first-class selection in motors, 4x4s, Sports Cars, Trucks, Vans and Winter Tyres at prices that are to die for.

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Zoom Tyres offers Wholesale Tyres for Sale, fittings and services at extremely low prices, without ever compromising on the quality. We also routinely offer Buy one Get one Tyre offers and pay for two Tyres and take two extra free of cost.

If you are looking to buy any kind of Tyre brand at wholesale rates then Zoom Tyres is your one stop destination. Give us a call at the number below or complete our online “Get a Quote” form on our website.

Call us any day at Yagoona: (02) 9793 9285, Ingleburn: (02) 8798 7610 OR Mob: 0414 969 969 to acquire the best Tyre Services in Sydney at an incredibly low priced fee!

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