At AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) our skilled and trained tyre repairers have years of experience and include authorised OTR Repair Technicians. We only use the highest quality repair materials, patches and systems that ensure your tyres do not distort in the repair process. Our experienced staff can help you with whatever tyre services you require.

Our service is tailored to your requirements whatever they may be and we service all over Sydney. Our transactions are always secure and personalized for each customer. So you know when you call us, you will deal with only the most professional staff at AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney).

AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) is a business that thrives on providing exceptional customer service and a range of specialist products and services to a wide variety of clients. We are experts in such a wide range of Tyre Services in Sydney, which means our team are fully trained and accredited, ensuring our clients receive the most up-to-date advice and support available.

At AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) we are customer focused business that ensures 100% satisfaction every time. We only provide you with a team of professionals who can be dispatched to any location in Sydney. At AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) we provide you with a friendly, hassle-free, and above all professional experience throughout the whole process of your tyre repair.

All our repair team experts are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to help repair your vehicle’s tyres no matter whether it is a minor or major repair. When you want a first rate tyre service at an affordable price then we are the experts to call. AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) offer its valued customers courteous tyre services and are continuously working towards providing a fast, dependable and efficient service.

Our tyre services help customers save a lot of money when it comes to providing them with any kind of Mud TyresTyre Repair,Tyre Recycling, Wheel Restoration, Wheel Balancing and more! We are committed to offering a fast and professional service throughout Sydney.

Our professional team at AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) pride themselves on providing the best quality service, brands and unbeatable prices. Our expert knowledge and experience set us apart from other tyre dealers. We not only in specialise tyres and wheels, we also have a goal to provide the highest quality in customer service.

Our pricing structure ensures that we remain competitive in the market of tyre services. At AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) we have built a name for ourselves by providing nothing less than quality, skillful, rapid and most of all, reliable services to our customers.

We have a friendly staff that will guide you in the entire process giving you rapid and world class service unlike any other. We are professional, reliable, fast and efficient at all times, so you can trust that our team of professionals will provide you with an excellent standard of customer care. Should you need a company that carries out the highest quality services when it comes to tyres in Sydney then look no further than AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney).


Services you can depend on

Are your tyres looking a little on the dull side? Are you experiencing unusual vibrations whilst driving? Are your tyres cracked or punctured? If you are looking for any kind of tyre repair or tyre services then you have come to the right place. Servicing all throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) are the experts you can depend on when it comes to tyre services.

At AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. If you don’t want to continue paying for a service that just isn’t up to scratch then AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) are the experts you can depend on when it comes to providing quality tyre services. We can solve your tyre problem and take the hassle off your hands. We will give you the highest quality tyre service at the best price in Sydney.

Our tyre services are very simple, just give us a call today and we can dispatch our team to your location, or you can come into our shop. We are a company with years of experience and have all the training and knowledge to bring you the best experience in the industry. We are licensed and knowledgeable and love what we do!

AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney) assist thousands of customers in need throughout Sydney on a daily basis. With a team of fast and efficient Technicians ready to be dispatched to your location you are covered across Sydney when it comes to major or minor tyre repair along with a wide range of other tyre services.

We also offer reliable car service in all Sydney areas and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our Removal team is equipped with the latest equipment and devices to help them deliver your car from any condition and situation to your desired destination.

Our Service are:

  • 4×4 & LT Tyre Recycle
  • Front & Rear Wheel Alignment
  • Front Wheel Alignment
  • Major Tyre Repair
  • Minor Tyre Repairs
  • Customer’s Tyre Recycle
  • Premium Wheel Balancing
  • Truck Tyre Recycle
  • Wheel Restoration/Repainting

At AJAJ Tyre you can be guaranteed that our team will always welcome you with a friendly smile. We have years of knowledge and experience that ensures outstanding customer service. Our team of well-trained and experienced specialists will deliver the best results for you and your tyre.

We can provide tyre services to any make and model vehicle. Whether you have an old or new car you we can help you with any special tyre requirements you need. No matter what you drive, we are dedicated to making your vehicle the safest it can be for the best price possible.

We know how to make your vehicle as safe as possible while also providing outstanding value on our extensive range of products and service. For the best quality service and advice on tyres and wheels from a team of skilled, experienced and friendly professionals, talk to AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney).

So the next time you get a flat tyre and need to get back on the road fast, call Yagoona: (02) 9793 9285, Ingleburn: (02) 87987610 OR Mob: 0414 969 969 AJAJ Tyres (trading as Zoom Tyres & Wheels Sydney)! We will keep your wheels spinning and your wallet happy!

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