AJAJ Tyres Job Types Sydney Sale

  • Hey may i get a quote for Hankook 215/60r17 tyre.  Thanks, Sydney
  • I saw on your website that you have a deal for buy 2 tyres get 2 free tyres. Liverpool, Sydney
  • Could you please quote me  all available options (brand, pattern) that this special deal is available for?
    Tyre size is 225/45/17.
    Thanks. Penrith,NSW
  • 4 tyres for Toyota Corolla. Sydney,NSW
  • Need 235 45 18 for Honda Accord Euro. Bankstown, NSW
  • Hi, i am after price for tyres size 195 50 r15, I am after 4 tyres.. Please respond via email, as I may not be able to answer phone whilst at work. Sutherland, NSW
  • 215/55R17. Any promotion or cheap ? Blacktown, Sydney
  • Tyre size
  • I would like to know about the Ford Festiva 2012 tyre prices.
    Thank you. NSW
  • Looking for 4 tyres 235x45x18 to suit Suzuki Kizashi. Minto, NSW
  • I need to changed 2 tyre in mazda cx5 , which is the best and cheap tyre would be and what would be  total cost for 2 tyre. thank you. Campbelltown, Sydney
  • Quote for 2 coopers stt
    LT 285/70 r17
  • Quote for 4 tyres of 215/65R16 . Regards. Western Sydney, NSW
  • Just after the quote of a repair of a wheel with small gutter rash and dent on the lip.
    Cheers. Blacktown, Sydney
  • Hi,
    I have Suzuki swift 2012 model that I need all 4 tyres to be replaced. I was wondering approximately how much it’ll be for the tyres and fitting? Thankyou!
  • I am looking for Bridgestone 18 inch 4 tyres for 2006 Toyota Camry Altice. What is best price including wheel alignment? Thanks. Liverpool, Sydney
  • 4 cheap tyres 14 inch for holden rodeowork ute.  Sydney
  • 4 tyres for Nissan Navara
  • Need a price on Bridgestone 235/65/18
    Thanks, Parramatta,Sydney
  • 4 tires size of 175/65R14
    is it  2 free when i buy 2?

    Thanks. North Sydney

  • Hi looking for 2 225/45R18 run flat tyres for our BMW 328i. Thanks. Penrith
  • I’m after 1 or possibly 2 Goodyear Tyres, preferably Eagle F1 Asymetric 2. Size: 225/45/R17
  • Looking for price on 4 Fitted Hankook H452 225/40R18. Regards Granville, Sydney
  • Looking at tyres for my Toyota Camry 95. 185/75R14. Bankstown, NSW
    I need one, depending on how good of a deal I can get, I may change 3, or even all 4.
    Thank you. Fairfield, NSW
  • I saw an add that said buy 2 get 2. Would this offer be available for a captiva? I have on it 235/55r18 now. How much would I be looking at fitted please
  • Hello can I get a pricing on ×4 20inch tyres please.my car is a holden commodore sv6 2005 model.thank you
  • Need 4 tyres  265/50r/20. Thanks. Sydney.
  • Quote for 245/45 R18. Regards. North Sydney
  • Looking to Buy 4 Tyers 235/55 R18 could you please email the brands you have in stock and the price. Thank You.
  • iim interested in the buy 1 get 1 free on the Silverstone 255/55 R18 tyre but i would want 4 in total plus wheel alignment. Thanks. Bondi Junction
  • I have a Toyota Hilux 2014 sr 4×4 I need all 4 tyers changed. The tyers that are on the car now are Dunlop tyer. Thank You. Parramatta, Sydney
  • I am looking for Hyundai i30 tyres. 205/55 91 V. Kindly let me know the price. Regards. Sutherland Shire, NSW
  • Just after a price for  2 cheap. 245 35 r20. Thanks
  • I had both front tyres for my Nissan Pathfinder 2000 replaced with Windforce brand by AJAJ last year. I would like to replace both rear tyres as well soon. Do you still have “Buy 1 tyre get 1 free” for the same Windforce brand. Size is 245/70R16. Would you be able to provide quote via email for both rear tyres and fitting cost. Thank you. Bankstown, Sydney
  • I need 2 tyres; 185 75 r14 and Front/Back Alignment.
  • 4 Nissan X-trail tyres. Thanks. Sydney
  • 2004 Lexus IS200 Sport Luxury GXE10R
    Wheel – 215/45ZR17 . Regards. Minto, NS
  • I want to get quote for 4 Tyres for my 2008 Mazda CX-7
  • 225/55/R19 do you have thus size? And how much if you do please? It’s for a Dodge Journey thanks. Castle Hill.
  • Hi can I have a price on 4x 17″  265×70 bfg Mud km2 regards.
    Sydney 2000 NSW
  • I’m looking to replace all 4 tyres for my car. Ideally it’ll be performance/sport tyres. I’ve got a quote from Bob Jane for the Bridgestone Potenza 225/40R18 which is offering me $220/e. Could you offer me something better than this?Please contact me via email. Thanks
  • i need 4 Tyers of this 215/75r16cplease send me price ASAP
  • Hi I would like to know how much 4 Brand New Tyres are the size is:
    175/65r15 84h
  • Price of Tyre 175/65r 14 82h
    Can I booking at 9am tomorrow thanks
  • Need 4 185/60R15, preferably from your 2 for 1 range, to be fitted asap (tomorrow would be good).
  • Need four 245/40r/18 komho or pirelli just need a price thanks
  • Price for 4 Goodyear Fortera tyres 235/60R17 102H. Regards. The Ponds
  • I am looking to get tyres placement on my ford falcon 2008 model…
    Tyre Size is 205/60R16 92V . Blacktown, Sydney
  • Pls quote best offer for 2 X 265/60/R18 tyres. Thanks. NSW
  • buy 2 get 2 free on 205/65R15
  • Please give good quote for FOUR Bridgestone tyres
  • Toyota kluger 225/70/R16 need 4 tyres
  • hi i’m looking for two front ,plus a Wheel Alignment  for 215/60R/16
  • After a price on 2 cheap Mud Tyres 265 75 16 fitted & balanced. If the price is right I will buy  2 more next month. Only used when in the outback . Don’t want big name brands.
  • 195/65R15/91T
    need these tyres. Sydney
  • Hi guys, I wander if you have bf Goodrich  265/75r16 Tyres and price for 4. Parramatta, Sydney
  • I want 215 55 18 tyres please let me know price for 2 or 4 tyres, any buy 1 get 1 free. Regards. Westmead, Sydney
  • Want to Buy Tyres for my honda city 2013.  Hornsby, NSW
  • Looking for 4 tyres for 2014 Subaru XV. Mainly highway driving
  • How much would it cost for a new tyre Honda CR-v 2010 sports wagon. Thanks Wentworthville, Sydne
  • Kuhmo Tyres KL21 Size: 235/60R18. Thanks. Castle Hill, NSW
  • Hi I was wondering what your price is for Three Tyres for a Ford Territoty. Regards. Bondi, Sydney
  • After prices for 4 x 225 55R18. Thanks. Kellyville, NSW
  • I am after a pair of 4.00 X 8 4 or 6 Ply Highway Tyres. Ones I have seen have a narrow tread pattern, I want a wide tread pattern. Can you help me ?. Thanks. Hornsby, Sydney
  • Do you have Pirelli P7 for 205/55r/16 , I want to replace for tyres, could you pls give me a quotation?. Thanks.
  • Just wanting a quote for 4 Tyres for a 2004 Ford Territory. Thanks. Liverpool,NSW
  • How much Formichillen Tyers 215/55R17  x4. Thanks. Parramatta, Sydney
  • I need 4 x 215 45 R18 Tyres. Ive been quoted $600 for Kumho KU39’s. whats the best you can do. I want mid range. Regards. Minto, NSW
  • Looking to replace  tyres on Hyundai Santa Fe currently have Pirelli Scorpion 235/60/R18 and Toyota Camry 205/60/R16 Blue Streak on at present. Thanks. Glenfield, NSW
  • Honda Jazz hatch 2010 model. I need to replace 2 tyres but I am also looking to change all 4 if the price is right. Previously I used Kumho tyres. Can I get a quote please for 2 and 4 tyres? Thanks.  Granville, Sydney
  • Price required for ONE Tyre. 255/30Z/R22. Regards. Tongabie.
  • I have a 2006 R series Mercedes and have 2006 GL mercedes 19″ rims to put on. please recommend a cheap low profile tyre to do it with and quote on this. thanks. Windsor, NSW
  • Hi, I’m after Supply and fit of (4) All Terrain tyres. existing tyres are 245/65R/17/111 on a Mits. Triton GLXR dual cab 4×4. I have a budget of $180 per tyre. Redfern, Sydney
  • Hi Can you quote to install 4 Tyres for My BMW. Homebush, NSW
    Front 245/35 R18
    Back 215/40 R18
    All Run Flat
  • Hi Needing 2 Tyres for a Ford Kuga… I’m pretty sure they are 17 inch tyres. Could I please have a quote on these. Thanks regards. Yagoona, NSW
  • 2×185 /60 R14
    2×185 /70 R13 .  Thanks. Campbelltown
  • 265/65/r17 for 2004 Auto Petrol Prado . 4 x. Regards. Casula, Sydney
  • I’ve got two slightly buckled 20inch wheels that are causing me a fair bit of grief (vibrations at around 60 and 80k’s).  What would I be looking at cost-wise to have them straightened?
  • I load light truck tyres
    2 needed.
    Fitted and balanced.
    How much for Hankook . Thanks. Westmead, NSW
  • 4 Tyres Holden Barina. Thanks. Windsor, Sydney
  • I have a 2006 Mazda 6 needing 4 New Tyres. I saw the offer and thought I would take it. Please email to let me know if I can complete this Saturday. Thanks. Blacktown
  • 4 Tyres 196 55 15. Thanks. Rouse Hill, Sydney
  • 185r14 Commercial Tyres Bridgestone how much 4 tyres. Thanks. Stanhope Gardens , NSW
  • I need 4 Tyres for Kia Rio 2010 4 door 4 sp petrol auto LS model. Thanks. Pendle Hill, Sydney
  • Hi. I’m after prices for buy 1 get 1 free tyres for my 2006 Suzuki Vitara.
    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.Turramurra, Sydney
  • Hi, just after some prices for 4 Mud 4×4 Tyres 315/75 16? Thanks. Harris Park, Sydney
  • I need 4 used good condition Tyres 215/60/16 or 225/60/16 for Holden Commodore 2003,please tell me the best price, Thanks. Glenfield.
  • 4 New Tyres for Mitsubishi Outlander 2014 4WD Diesel.  Thanks. Yagoona, NSW
  • After pricing for Toyo C1S or similar. 2 x 255/45/18 and 2 x 245/45/18. 
  • Need a quote for 4 Tyres on a 2008 Ford Territory. Currently has 275/40R20 but they are Chinese and very noisy. Looking for local or European brand. Best price possible please. Fitted and balanced. Thanks. Rose Hill. NSW
  • Quote for Michelin Honda Euro Accord – Sedan Luxury 235/45 R18 98W
  • Interested in replacing 2 tyres on my Landcruiser.  Currently fitted with B FGoodrich A/T LT 265/70 R 16. What’s your price per tyre for KO2 including fitting and electronic balance please. Thanks. Lancove, Sydney
  • I need 2 Tyres for the rear of my 2005 Honda Civic 4 door sedan. Thanks. Lindfield, Sydney
  • 175/65r14 for a new set of 4 Tyres
  • Looking for good brand tyres, quantity 4.
    Tyres size: 245/50R 20 102v
    Let me know your best price. Thanks. Harris Park, Sydney
  • Need 4 new tyres for my 2008 Ford Territory. 235/60 17
  • Hi, I have bent the rim of my mazda cx9. Can it be repaired?
    If yes  how it would cost? Thanks. Granville, Sydney
  • How much for a 235/30r20
  • Hi I like to quote for 4x 215/70R16 what best price do you have and any other promotion? Thanks.  Northmead, Sydney
  • 2 Tyres for 2005 Kluger plz. Bridgestone or Kuhmo. Thanks. Castle Hill, Sydney
  • Quote for bridgestone dualler 16″. Thanks. Sydney, NSW
  • Price on 4 325/35/28 thanks. Baulkham Hills, Sydney
  • A set of 4 Tyres – Bridgestone Potenza RE003. Regards. West Pennant Hills, Sydney
  • Need 2 tyres for my Holden Astra 195/60R15. Thanks. Gordon, Sydney
  • Can I please have a price on Hankook Tyres 275/70R22.5 and if it includes GST. Thanks. Ingleburn, NSW
  • Hi I was wondering if you had a ‘buy 2 get one free’, or a ‘buy 1 get one free’ option for some tyres? Mine are 205/65R15 94V and they are for a single axel 6×4 trailer.
    If you do, could you email me a quote? Seven Hills, Sydney
  • Hi Id like a quote please Size 205/60R16. On a few different brands please. Thanks. Bankstown, Sydney
  • I was just wanting to get a price check on some 205/70R/15 tyres for my Subaru forester.
  • Hi, 245/40/R19 runflat or puncutre resistant pirellis x2 quotation please. Thanks. Campbelltown, Sydney
  • How much for 4 Tyres for a Holden Captiva lx 2010 model please. Thanks. NSW
  • Price for 205/55/16 Runflat.
  • Quote please on 4 X Goodyear Wrangler HP AW. 23560R18. Thanks. Minto Heights, Sydney
  • Hi just want the best quote possible for 4x 245 40r19 Tyres for a wm statesman. Thanks. Macquarie Park, Sydney.
    Pirelli pzero, Dunlap sport etc.
  • Hi I’m just looking for a Quote for x2 205/55R16 Tyres please, I need for blue slip. Ingleburn area even better I live in Macquarie Fields. If you would please email to me that would great. Thanks. Condell Park. Sydney
  • 2 Tyres needed 235/65 R18 1067
  • Hi, Im after a quote to repair my 4 wheels. Thanks. Bass Hill Sydney
  • Plse can you give me Quote on 2 x 205x55x16
  • I’m enquiring a medium car tore, need to replace. It’s buy one get one free? Thanks. Canterbury, Sydney
  • Hi I believe the tyres I am looking for is 225 40 R19 89 Y – 255 35 R19 92 Y
  • If I can get a quote for 2 tyres and/or 4 tyres. I need 2 replaced but might do them all together. Thanks. Cabarita, Sydney
  • Hello. Bounced off a curb yesterday and got the rear left wheel dent w/ flat tyre. Just to ask if Zoom tyres Fixes Wheels in such condition. I can send some pics. Thanks. Campise, Sydney.
  • Hi, im after 4 Tyres Balance and Wheel Alignment. Im currently running coopers discovery AT3 265/70/R15, Can I have a few ideas of similar styles and prices please. Thanks. Revesby,NSW
  • Looking for Quote on 4 x 215/65/r16 98h.
  • Hey, I need two New Tyres 195/60/15 for my car. I don’t have much budget. Would you help me out. Thanks.  Doonside, Syde
  • Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tyres – 255/55R18 109V
  • 255/40r18 i need 3 New Tyres.. whats your best price
  • After a quote for all 4 Tyres on 06 RAV 4 tyre size 255/65R17
  • Tyre size 245×70 r 17 what will be the prize for 4 tyres
  • Hey mate just after your best price on a set of 35×12.5×15 Good Year or Kumho Mud Tyres and a set of Hankook Ventus v12 in 235/45/17? Thanks. Casula, Sydney
  • Need 2 x Kumho Tyres. KU39 235/40r18 and 4 wheel alignment. Best quote i received is $360 at tempe tyres can you beat this quote. Thanks. Casula, Sydney
  • Good morning. I have seen your offer on the internet. Would you please inform me how much it will cost to buy tyres for Toyota Camry 2000 CSI model car. Thanks. Greenacre, Sydney
  • 4 x 235/35/19 Hankook Ventus s1 evo2. Thanks. Georges Hall, Sydney
  • Can i get a quote on Tyres for 235/65 r17. Regards. Bass Hill, Sydney
  • Hey,
    I’d like a quote on 2x 205/60/16 Tyres. Cheapest you have! Thanks. Liverpool, Sydney
  • Hi,
    Please quote me on deals for 215/60 R16 price. Thanks. Penrith, Sydney
  • Price please for Ford Escape.2 tyres.235/70r16. Thanks. Cambelltown, Sydney
  • Í’m after price for Pirelli Scorpion all season verde for cx7 235/55/r19 include wheel alignment. Thanks. Parramatta, Sydnet
  • Hi, I would like a quote on 215×40×17 times 4. also 205×40×17 times 4 as well. Thanks. Seven Hills, Sydney
  • Could you please quote 4 Tyres Goodyear 205/55 r16
  • Just wondering if the buy one get onefree deal applies to any of your mud tyres for my hilux. Thanks. Stanhope Gardens, Sydney
    specifically im after 31 x 10.5 r 15 or whats the best deal I could get  for a set of 4 fitted. bundled with a wheel allignment.
  • Hi,Wondering if I can get a quote on 4x 245/40/18 Bridgestone RE003s
  • Toyota Camry Altise 2008 model, Tyre Price, please? I wanna buy 2 tyre. Thanks. Sydney, NSW
  • Please provide a quote for 4 nos of 205/60/R16 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sedan MY2012. Thanks. Rouse Hill, Sydney
  • I wish to get a quote for supplying Fitting & Balancing. 2×205/50r/16 Silverstone Tyres
  • I am looking for Buying 4 Tyres. Please provide me a quote. Thanks. Macquarie Fields, Sydney
  • Best price for budget brand Tyres (4 Tyres) for 1997 Toyota Camry. Thanks. Campbelltown, Sydney
  • KUMHO Ecsta 205/40 R17W Price for 2? Price for 4. Regards. Camden, Sydney
  • Hi guys. Looking for some AT tyres. 265/60R18. Thanks. Hurstville, Sydney
  • Looking for BFG KO2’s, Cooper S/T MAXX or Bridgestone D697’s. Thanks. Baulkham Hills, Sydney
  • I got bit of a, gutter rash on one of my rims.
  • Hi, I am looking tyres for my car (Nisan Pulsar 2003 Auto 1.8). Can u send me your price please. Thanks. Parramatta, Sydney
  • I have a Nissan Qashqai Ti 2016 model with 19inch Alloy Wheels. Wondering how much do to get the wheel fix I scrapped it through a gutter. I can provide pictures. Greenacre, Sydney
  • How much is the 205/50R16 85W, For Subaru Impreza,  and do I need take my car to your shop if I want to get a new tyres? Thanks. Liverpool, Sydney
  • Please provide some options for 4 x 215/45R18 Performance Tyres to go on a 2015 Mazda 3 with tyre rating 92V. Cheers. Casula, Sydney
  • Hi do you have Silverstone A/T 265/75/16 and how much. Thanks. NSW
  • Is your service mobile? If so, is there a price difference if wheels on / off car? And with / without rubber? All 4 need repair, gutter rash mainly.
  • Can you please give me a quote for 4 Tyres 225/50R17. Regards. Thanks. Blacktown, Sydney
  • Please advise the total Quote including Wheel Balancing & Alignment. I am after a good quality tyre. Non Chinese brand preferably. Thanks. Quakers Hill, Sydney
  • Price on 4 Tyres 215/60 R17 to suit Jeep Compas. not 4wd fitted. Thanks. Minto, Sydney
  • Best price on 4 new tyres. 335/45/17. Pilot Sport 3.  Conti  MC5. Or any other top brand you have in stock. I’m in Greenacre. Thanks
  • Currently running on Kumho Road Adventure AT 31×10,50 R15, Do you hve these or similar? price please. From Darling Point, Sydney
  • After 4 Tyres for 2003 VW Kombi Transporter people mover with commercial rating. Long lasting tyres would be great. Thanks. Hurstville, Sydney
  • 105/65r/15 is including pakage 2.??buy one get one free one. Thanks. Windsor, Sydney
  • Hi Ajaj tyres,I’d like to get a quote on how much it would be to repair the scratched rim.Its for a 2014 Toyota Corolla Ascent alloy.Kind regards. Seven Hills, Sydney
  • Need quote asap n any nearest service in Blacktown area ,Mitsubishi panel van model 2007 , 195/65 R15 9/v or 88h
  • Looking for 265/50 R20 Price for 2. From Quakers Hill, Sydney
  • 4 Tyres 215/65r/16 98H
    Quote please including Fitting and Wheel Alignment
  • 265/75r x 16 x 2 or 4
  • Price on 205/60/16 x 4 please. Kumho. Thanks. Westmead, Sydney
  • My car ‘ tires is 195/55/15.I need two.Can you tell me the price and brand. Regards. West Pennant Hills, Sydney
  • How much to repair a flat tire? Punctured by nail on the road. Thx. Tongabbie, Sydney
  • Need x4 New Tyres 31×10.5 R15 all terrain, want to take buy 2 get 2 free offer. From Sydney
  • I need to change car tyres, size is 245/65R17, I need 4, want to know if can get your special buy 2 get 2. Thanks. Gleenwood, Sydney
  • I need 4 Tyres for Lexus IS250, 2013 year model.
    Tyre Size: 225/45R 17. Thanks. Camden, Sydney
  • Hi, I have a bent right front rim on a 2011 or 12 Ford Mondeo station wagon. I am just wondering what is the quote for repairing it? Thanks. Lane Cove, Sydney
  • Can I please get a quote for 4 New Tyres for 2014 Model Nissan Dualis , with the buy 2 get 2 free deal. From Warronga, Sydney
  • Good afternoon,I am planning to do 4 Machined Wheels Restoration with you guys. My wheel size is 19 inch.So may I ask how much it will cost and how long it will take.I probably send the car in this Saturday after you give me the quotation.Thank you
    Kind Regards
  • Do you have 255 35R19   96Y Tyres?
    Current tyre is a goodyear Eagle F1. I need a replacement. It has a nail in it. Can it be repaired?if you have these, how much are they? If not, what do you have that I can use? How much?- Leichhardt, Sydney
  • 265/70   16 AT/3 LT  cooper tyres. 4 Tyres please  – Greystanes 
  • Hi, I’m after a quote on some Azenis RT615K in 14inch – Sydney
  • Hi need to get all 4 alloy wheels fixed. Minor scratches and guttering rash. 19″ alloys . Please send pricing , based in Northern Ryde abs electric socket available to carry our works in the drive way cheers. – Northern Ryde
  • I was just wondering the best price you can do on 4 brand new run flat tyres. The car model is a 2009 Suzuki Swift sport. – Yagoona 
  • I need two cheap tyres fitted and wheel alignment 205/60/R16 – Preston
  • looking for some 235/70R15 s .- DeeWhy
  • I’ve got a cracked rim i wish to repair. Its a single crack. would you be able to quote me? – Dulwich Hill 
  • Quote for  245 50 R20 – Newcastle 
  • Quote requested. – Manly
  • quote requested – Belmore 
  • Hi, can I get a price on 4 new tyres please for a Hyundai Tucson (4 cyl) 215/65R16 . – Moorebank
  • Replace all 4 wheel tyres of Ford focus sedan 2012 model. The current tryes are factory fitted 215/50/R17- Prospect
  • I’m looking for 2 Bridgstone tyres or same qualitity the wheel size is 195/60R15 what would the price be thanks – Campbelltown 
  • Hello, I’m just trying to find the best deal on some good tyres for my Suzuki GW250. I need a front tyre; 110/80 – 17 m/c 57H and a rear tyre; 140/70-17 m/c 66H. I also need new breaks and the correct sprocket place on my bike as the previous owner had one with more teeth put on it. Thank you.- Bowral
  • Brand/model & prices for 225 55 R17. –  Oran Park
  • Please give me quote for change 4 tyres of Toyota Klugar 2011 (KX-R 5). Thanks – Ingleburn
  • Quote requested. – Sydney. 
  • Hi, I’ve come out to my car this morning & my front drivers side tyre is completely flat, I drove the car home yesterday & it was fine, my brother used it last night & then parked it where it is now so I ding know if it’s a nail or something that was on the driveway or if he got a puncture to it when he was out.. I have s spare but would like a quote on repairing this one please & thank you – Sydney
  • I need four new tyres for my 2014 Subaru Forester.
    The car has has Yokohama Geolander 225/60R17 now, would like to stay with the sam can you advise me of a costing. – Cronulla
  • Price for 215 65 14 please. – Blacktown
  • Just need quote for tyre fitting and balance for Hyundai i30 2010. And for Toyota Kluger. How much for each car pls text me- Auburn
  • Needing 2 or 4 of 235 / 55R19 / 101H. Cheapest you have please. –Kingsgrove
  • I have recently scratched two of my rims of my 2016 Mazda 3 on a gutter and would like to know how much it would cost to get them repaired? I can also provide pictures. – Penrith
  • Quote for 215×40×17 ×2.- Granville
  • I want to get the quote of 4 tyres of 195/65R15 91H. Also front alignment cost. Thanks. – Bankstown
  • Tyres for Hyundai Tuscan year 2007 . pl send me make and price. – Blacktown
  • Hi, whats the best price of fixing 4 x ml 500 wheels with the various gutter rash?
    One other question is, how much is it to powder coat 4 wheels? – Bankstown
  • Hi there! I’m after two tyres, size can be either: 225/50/16, 215/50/16 or 205/50/16. These are used on my R33 for drift events so preferably some cheap / affordable tyres as I go through multiple at a single event. If the prices are attractive I would like to source them continuously.  Please let me know what you have in stock, the costs or even if you could suggest a better option. Thanks in advance. – Fairfield West
  • Looking for a good wearing set of 4 tyres at reasonable price. 185 65 R15
    what can u do? – Campbelltown
  • Just a quote for x4 tyres for vehicle elantra tropy 2014 sadan- Ingleburn
  • 2 tyres for Rav 4 2002 alloy wheels please the cheapest – Yagoona
  • Could i please get a quote for 4 tyres fitted and balanced 215/55/17- Seven Hills
  • I am after 4 new tyres 175/65 R15 , fitted balanced , can you do $70 each ? Thanks. – Bankstown 
  • Rear drivers wheel cracked; still drivable but requires welding. It’s a 19″ BMW M Sport 3 series wheel. Need estimated cost and time to repair. Thanks. – Guildford
  • Quote for tyres : 195/55R16 & 195/50R16 –  Ingleburn
  • 4 x tyres for a ford fiesta please – Raby
  • I’m looking for tyre for Mitsubishi Outlander 2010. Do you have 225/55/R18? – Deewhy
  • I need for low profile “cheaper” tyres for a Holden Astra 2007? What have you got and how much – need to keep the cost down – going for a blue slip. –Sydney
  • Hi i need two  tyres  for  pajero  265.70.16 thanks- Sydney
  • I am after 2 x 285 45 19 tyres for the rear of my SUV. Just wondering what you would have in the cheaper options. – Wollongong
  • Can I please get some quotes on 225 65 17? what brands are included in your buy 1 get 2nd half price special? – Ingleburn
  • I’m looking for tyres in the size 235/40/17. The budget is $150 for each tyre. Would you have any tyres that fit these criteria in stock? – Chester Hill
  • Was wondering how much your 33×12.50R18LT tyres are? For a Jeep Wrangler . – Blacktown
  • Please quote for 4x 40×18 245 tyres plus wheel alignment front and rear. – Sydney
  • Hi I have a 2006 Ford Fiesta lxwq which we’ve had since new and are going to pass it onto our son to use ( currently learning to drive). It has only 59000 Kim’s silver. I’d like a wheel and tyre package for it, something to update its appearance.
    Could you send me a text with anything which you might think that suits… I’m also happy to upsize to 16 or 17″. – Wollongong
  • What is is cheapest price you can do for fitting three new tyres on my Mitsubishi Lancer? The tyre size is 205/60 R16 92V.
    The cheapest quote I have so far is $70 per tyre. – Bass Hill
  • I want to change 2 : 225/65R17 Michelin and wheel alignment. Pls tell me how much? Thank you.- Berala
  • Could I have a price for Mitchlen Pilots 4 – 205 45R 17. Please. – Singleton
  • Price for 2 tyres 215/65/r16 2005 Kia carnival. – Campbelltown
  • Hi I’m looking for a 30m row of blocks to line a driveway. Similar to the six side cut you have in your example pics. Our blocks don’t need to be that big and I only really need the top and bottom sides to be cut. – Parramatta
  • Quote request for price.  – Guildford
  • Need 245 60r 15 radial tires for ford ranger 2008 4×2 dual cab. Need a good branded tire. – Bungarribee
  • Quote on 4 x 265/45R/21. – Ingleburn
  • Quote please for.
    Cherry J3 2013
    I need 2 tyre Kuhmo or HANKOOK 205/55/16.
    2 tyres for Lexus Rx350 2009 235/60/18  Kuhmo or HANKOOK  please. – Bonnyrig
  • Need 4tyres
    31-10 50R15lt 109s. – Werrington County
  • Hi mate, I bought 4 tyres from your company on 23/1/2017. They come with a one-year guarantee. Tow of them in good condition but, unfortunately, other tyres are not in good condition and my mechanic asked me to replace them for a Pink slip.  I did wheel adjustment and aliment so, I  think this could be related to the quality of those tyres. After changed tyres my cars just used for 9500 Km. Please let me know what is your decision in this circumstance. – Wollongong
  • I need 4 Tyres (Size 205 55 R16  V or W series)
    Can you please provide me quote for that installed price?- Campbelltown
  • Hi I need tyres for my swift 2015 model.so can you send me your prizes.thnx.- Auburn
  • What is the cost of four Hankook 425’s fitted and balanced size 185 65 R15.- Ingleburn
  • Hi, can you give me a price for a set of Kumho KL51 size 235/65/R17?.- Liverpool
  • I would like to receive a quote and details for repair of one wheel.
    I hit a deep pothole on a residential road which resulted in a flat tyre. Upon removing the tyre I discovered damage to the inside circumference of the wheel measuring about 3 inches in length.
    The vehicle is a my12 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX
    The wheel details are:
    Tyre: 215/45R18
    Wheel: 7Jx18 ET46
    PCD: 5×114.3 . – Middleton Grange
  • Im in the market for 4 x 265/70/15  AT tyres to suit Mitsubishi MK Triton 4wd. New or good used is ok, i will consider wheels and tyres if different size.
    Please contact me on mobile. Ashfield
  • Quote requested.  Liverpool
  • I Have a Dodge Journey 2009 and need 4 new tyres, don’t care if they are re-treads just need the cheapest as will be trading the car in shortly. Rego due next week so need asap, can you please email as I am at work so may not be able to answer a call.  – St. Clair
  • Have a cracked rim that is causing tyre to leak badly. After a quote on how much to fix the crack. Thank you in advance. – Croydon Park
  • I have alloy 2 wheels in need of repair
    22″ landrover stormer wheels
    Both have cracks in them i can provide pictures if required. – Sydney
  • I need tyre size 205 55R15  91V. Dunlop sp sport 1. – Glenfield 
  • I think I only need 2 tyres. 205 65 15. Car mainly used for short drives 30k per day, trip to nowra once every 3 mths plus wheel alignment. – Blacktown 
  • Tyre size. 215 x 45 x 17. What is best price for tyre fully serviced for change? – Lidcombe 
  • Looking for new tyres for a 2014Nissann dualis. – Bondi
  • Good morning i need  price on two tyers   for Hyundai i30 195/65R15. – Fairfield
  • 265/65 or 70 r17 – Campbelltown
  • 2× 245×40×18 dunlop – Minto
  • Could you please provide price/availability to supply & fit, and optional cost of alignment. 4 x Hankook K115 215/50R17. Subaru Liberty Wagon- Minto
  • I want to change 3 tyres for my Subaru Liberty 2004 sedan. Please give me a quote. Rosebery
  •  Did you still have the silverstone tyres? I brought a front set 6 months ago. 245 40 18.Could i get a price please?. – Bonnyrigg
  • I’m after a quote for a 175/55R15. – Yagoona 
  • I’m after four tyres for my car. Size is 235 55R 18. Please let me know the price including fitting and balance or alignment if require. Thanks.- Campbelltown
  • Please give me a quote for changing 2 front tyres 215/60R16 with Kumho tyres + balancing + installation +GST. Please clearly give a separate price if you have different types of treads and a price of wheel alignment. for a Toyota Camry Sedan year 2007. – Yagoona 
  • I just sent you a message asking for a quote. Do you have 2 tyres of Kuhmo 21560R16 KH27? Please give give a quote
    1. installation of 2 tyres Kuhmo 21560R16 KH27 wheel balancing service + GST for Toyota Camry.
    2. Wheel Alignment – Yagoona 
  • Minor cracked in my alloy wheel  how much it cost its 19 inch alloy. – Parramatta
  • Hi there, i’m looking for 2x pirelli p1 cinturato in 235/45 r17 (ba xr6). Could you let me know if you stock this tyre and the price please?.- Narellan Vale
  • 215/45/17 marshal tyre x 1 – Ingleburn
  • I have a bent rim that needs repairing, just wondering about price. Can send photos if needed or bring to your shop. – Panania
  • Fitted and balanced prices please for 4 x 215 65 16 tyres suitable for 2010 Subaru Forester. Thanks.- Yagoona
  • Need 4 tyres size 205x60x16.- Campbelltown
  • I’m looking for tyres 225/40R18, I would like a known brand, e.g Bridgestone, perelli, michelin.- Sydney
  • Hey need 4 new tyres on barina 2 door poss 2006.- Ingleburn
  • We require 4 * 215/65/16.  What is the best value tyre you are able to offer, fitted?  Thanks.- Pymble 
  • Toyota LandCruiser Grande 265/65/17 I want tyres.- Matraville
  • Please advise cost to repair buckled alloys? – Guildford
  • I’m after 2 35×12.50 R17s. Nitto Trail Grapplers.- Sydney
  • Hey i have a set of 16 inch vl calais rims and looking to have them polished just wondering if its a job you guys would take on and how much am i looking at, cheers ! – Eastern Suburbs 
  • Require two tyres 26570/R16 for a Pajero SUV. No off road mainly highway. – Blue Mountains 
  • 234/45 /r17 PAIR FITTED …PRICE? – Yagoona
  • 195/65 r15
    Khumo. – Glenfield
  • 195r15c full set…get a price. – Liverpool
  • Could you please provide a quote for 4 Bridgestone Turanza 225/45R19 92W Tyres?.- Wollongong
  •  Need a quote for tyre size 195 55r 15. – Liverpool
  • Needing 2 tyres for front of Ford territory 2015 model, and wondering how much retreads would be, as well as allignment and balance of tyres.
    Thanks. – Rosemeadow
  • Please advise price changing 4 tyres of 185 55 16inches. for Honda Jazz. – Ingleburn
  •  I need 2 x 225 / 45 / 17 tyres fitted today or tomorrow, looking for cheapest rating or close to. – Greenacre
  •  Need two tyres for luxes Tyre size 205/55, R16, 91W.- Lindfield
  • Looking for tyres 215/45/17, preferably Nexen/Hankook/Toyo/Kumho branded. – Ingleburn
  • Quote 215/45R18 93H for Dunlop, Pirelli, Kumho, Goodyear, bridgestone, 4 tyres.- Glenmore Park
  • How much for 2× ferilli  245/45/17 CINTURATO p7 95w and 2× 225×45r17 91w. – Cabramatta
  • Hey guys, could you please email a price for N-Spec Pirelli – P Zero 265/35 19inch & Michelin Pilot Sport PS2? Thanks.- Yagoona
  • Hi i have 8 rims with tyres do you take both and how much?- Ingleburn
  • Need new tyres for my Toyota kluger cvx 2004.- North Ryde
  • After good tyres to suit a 2005 Range Rover. – Rosebery
  • Can I get a quote for 235 40 R18. Buy 1 & get 2nd 1/2 price?.- Berala
  • Hi, wondering the best price to replacing 4 tyres for  toyota 2012 kluger KX-S ASAP. – Eastwood 
  •  4 tyres 185/65/14 can you give me the prices?.-  Yagoona
  • Looking for 215660/16. Ford falcon xt X 4 tyres.- Parramatta
  • Tyre size 195 65 r16 – four tyres.- Blacktown
  • Hey man, I got a damaged rim and would like to get it repaired can send you images.- Eastlakes 
  • Quote for 2 tyres 245/40/19. Kumho /pirelli. – Liverpool
  • Coopers  Homeaway holiday letting the entrance  price.- Canterbury
  • Quote me price for goodyear n dunlop tyre, size 175-65R15.- Iancove
  • Kenati Mongrel 30X10x15.- Sydney
  •  After a quote for 5 x 265/75 R16 AT fitted and balanced onto 2003 hilux. After good brands if you can. Liverpool
  • I’m just enquiring on getting my rim touched up.Georges Hall
  •   Can I have a price on two tyres fitted & balanced please: 225/65/17 in the following model (that you have in stock at Ingleburn):
    Yok G98A Mich Energy LX4 Good EfficientGrip SUV.- Moorebank
  •  Need 245/40r/19 cheap tyres needed all 4. Dont mind if they are used.- Campbelltown
  •  I would like to change 4 cheap types. size is 175 65 r14. How much are they. – Parramatta
  • Can you give me a price for 4 tyres 225/55/R18 for Hyundai ix35, Prefer something like Sumitomos or equivalent.- Wollongong
  • My tyre size is 250,40 17inch. Suzuki Swift Sport 2014. Could you please send me some price options for this.- Penrith
  • Could I please get a price for fitting and purchase of 4x 265 70 16 And 4x 215 70 15.- Dundas
  • 185/60/14 4 tyres can you give me the prices? – Yagoona 
  • Could you please quote me on repairs and colour change to a dark metallic grey, and add pick up (from seller) and postage to QLD for the wheels on the ebay address below. – Dysart
  • Looking for run flat tyres. 255 55 18 for BMW X5. Let me know the cost.- Seven Hills
  • Quote request for changing car tyres.- Cabramatta
  • Price for 245/45zr1795w please.- Lidcombe
  • Message: for 4 x 205/70/RZ17. price and brand please.- Ryde
  • Hi, looking to get at least my 2 back tyres replaced on my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder ST 4wd asap. What are the options?.- Ingleburn
  • I would like to purchase 2 sets of tyres as follows: 4x Silverstone Atlantis V7 215/55/r17. 5x  Silverstone AT-117 245/75/r16. Could you provide a quote for these including fitting and balancing all 9 tyres, as well as a wheel alignment on 2 vehicles, 1 Toyota Aurion and 1 Toyota Hilux. – Yagoona
  • I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey 3.0 V6 which requires a change of 4 tyres. Please let me know the cost of 4 x Kumho brand tyres. I would also like to get a quote for 4 x Bridgestone and 4 x Goodyear tyres.- Strathfield
  • 185/55 R15 tyre price.- Auburn
  • Quote for 225/65R17.- Ingleburn
  • Hello, got a Toyota Corona 1986 ; need to have 2 new tyres fitted and balanced. Tyres are 185/70 R14; please let me know how much. – Burwood
  •  Hi just looking for a quote for 2 x 215/65r16 tyres, pretty much want the cheapest you have or the buy one and second is half price deal if the price is good. I would prefer an email response over phone call as the location i work has minimal reception. – Holsworthy
  • Hi, I would like to get a quote for the offer (BUY 1 TYRE, GET THE 2nd FOR HALF PRICE) on Pirelli Cinturato P1 for 185/65R15. – Parramatta
  •  I have 215/60R16 trying to get a good deal for 4 new tyres nothing to dear  with wheel alignment as well as we will be down in your area on Thursday- Batemans Bay
  • 1999 Hyundai Sonata levant – 2 Tyres.- Castle Hill
  •  I need a quote on 6 new tyres fitted & balanced (195X85RX16). – Seven Hills
  • I will like to get 245/45r17 tyres. I will . Like Michelin. Dragon sport or pilot sport. For rear tyres. I’m need of two.only.
    Price and wheel alignment. Rooty Hill
  • Can I have a price on a 215/40ZR 18 am after the cheapest option.- Canterbury
  • Need 4 tyres at a good price. Banksia
  •  Is it still buy 1 get 2nd half price.  I drive a Nissan pulsar sedan.- Campbelltown
  • Please quote 4 X 265/65 R17 112 or any similar tyre.- Kalgoorlie
  • Looking for: 2 x 245x45xR19, 2 x 275x40xR19 runflats. used or new.- Sydney
  • Could I please get a quote on 2 tyres please – 35×12.5 20’s.- Yagoona
  • Toyota kluger 2008 4 new tyres.- Revesby
  • Please advise the cost and fitting 4 tyres size 215/65R16. – Roselands
  • Could i please get a quote for Rekeying some locks (believe 4 barrels in total) for a Home in Forrestfield.- Forrestfield 
  • Quote for 4x silverstone a/t 31×10.5/15 fitted and balanced. – Horsley
  • Can you tell me the price range for 235/40R18 tyres. I want to buy 2 tyres & expect to get the 2nd tyre at half price. – Liverpool
  • I am looking for two tyres of size 225 45 17 91W. I am considering  Kumho KU39 or Pireeli P7. Be good if you guys can give me a quote on fit and balance of them.- Yagoona 
  • I was after 4 165r13 c Nankang tyres for boat trailer can they be fitted at Yagoona. – Sydney
  •  Price for 2-off 225/70R16 budget range (Kluger CVX 2005) and when you can do it.- Frenchs Forest
  • 225/45/17 x2 and wheel alignment.Prefer to come on Saturday morning. Please provide quote and how long will take to do?
    Thank you.- Yagoona
  • Hi am after 2 x 245,30,20 fitted on a ve commodore. Do you stock the 75.00 dollar haidas or windforce tyres. Also need 1 valve replacement as it has a leak along the stem of the valve. – Bass Hill
  • Im looking to change Front wheel tyres for Toyato Camry Altise, 2013 model…so i would like to know the best price.- Blacktown
  • Requesting a quote for 2 x 205/70/RZ17. – Liverpool
  • 2 tyres for Mazda cx7 60/18.- Ingleburn
  • 225/45 r17 I need 2 tyres.- Epping
  • What’s your best price on 4 x 235 60 17 a cheap to average tyre.- Green Valley
  •  I need a price for 4 tyres. 205/65/R15.- Yagoona 
  •  215.60.16 How much each???.- Bankstown
  • 160/60z rear motorcycle tyre preferably bridgestone. – Yagoona 
  • I’m after 4x 225/65/16. Fitted and balance.- Liverpool
  • I have a minor scratch on on of my wheel and also have to colour all my wheels.
  • Just want pricing for Mazda cx5 tyres I need 2 at this stage  225/55 R19 99v. Also do you do brakes I need to get a quote for rear pads and discs to be replaced Thankyou. If I could get this via email it would be great also I need it done before this Saturday if possible.
  • I would like to change four tyres of my toyota corolla having the size of 195/65R 15 . how much would u charge for tyre replacement of a range of tyre brands of this size. if i find competitive price, i am ready to come for tyre change. plz txt me the price range including fitting and everything.
  • guys Looking for a all terrain or mud tyre 285/70/17 for a Jeep Wrangler 4 door 3.6lt Was looking at hankook or Pirelli but open to other brands Must be good off-road and good on road in wet conditions and long lasting. Hoping to get this done this morning Thanks guys
  • Do you have 215/80/16 Tyres for 4×4 car How much will cost Gave me a price
  • pls quote Goodride TYRE 215/50R17 including delivery and installation
  • What price are your cheapest tyres including fitting, balancing and all that? Size as follows: 195/65/15. And would I need to book the car in or do you do walk ins too?
  • Price 4 x BF Goodrich ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 305/70R16 124/121R Fitted
  • I am looking for 225/65/17 for my mazda cx5. what do you have in budget/mid range?
  • I own a BMW E60 2005 M SPORT.
    I do believe that my wheels are damaged on the inside, which isn’t visible to a naked eye ( plus I was advised by Bob Jane tyre shop ). I’m not too sure as to the exact state, nonetheless rims / wheels need repairing.
    On the outside, wheels are also fairly scratched.
    I’d like to know the repair prices per each wheel say.
    Please email me your professional thoughts and just how possible the repairs are.
    I will be looking forward to your response in the not too distant future.
  • Hi Can i get some basic prices on 4WD tyres, 4 off?
    265/70/15 or 33” x 10.5 x 15,  Need price on A/T & M/T
    Max $200.00 ea fitted & balanced.
    What can you offer?
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