Tyre Condition Can Affect Your Safety

It is recommended to check the condition of your tyres regularly – at least once in every 2 weeks.

Your car cannot be covered under insurance if you are driving using illegal tyres. If you get into an accident and it turns out that the tyres you have been driving around have a tread depth lower than 1.6mm, you could be spending a lot of money on repairs and fines.

Worn tyres can impede the performance of your car significantly – low tread depths reduce the effectiveness of braking, steering, and acceleration, all of which are important in staying safe.

Routinely complete the following 5-point tyre check

  • Check overall condition of tyres, including inner and outer sidewalls.
  • Check tyre tread depth.
  • Check all tyre pressures.
  • Check for signs of regular wear and tear.
  • Check and examine the spare tyre.

A tyre will not always look flat if inflated. You should check the pressure at least once a fortnight to be safe. Have a look in the vehicle manual if you are unsure as to what is the correct pressure is for your vehicle.

  • Tyre pressure should only be tested when your tyres are cold.
  •  Your car’s handling will be seriously affected if you drive around on under or over inflated tyres – in most cases, the vehicle can become unstable.
  • Wrong tyre pressure can increase tyre wear, shortening its lifespan and increasing the chances of the tyre failing.

A tyre evenly worn across the surface is a sign of over or under inflation. If worn only on one edge then it is likely to be the result of poor Wheel Alignment. You need a professional mechanic to check your tracking if this is the case.

The current limit for car tread depth is 1.6mm. You will have better grip when driving if the tread is deeper. It is advisable to replace your tyres when the tread is less than 3mm.

Safety first

It is unsafe to ignore the minimum tyre tread depth and also it is against the law. To test tread depth, take a penny and place it in-between the main grooves of the tyre. If the outer band of the coin is visible, the tyre could have insufficient tread depth. It is recommended to have your tyres checked over by a qualified mechanic at this point.

Even if you never need or use your spare tyre, it is still important that you check that it is in good condition to use in case of emergency. Check its pressure and tread periodically.It is always better to notice any problems in a safe and comfortable environment like home than in the middle of the road during the stressful time of an emergency.