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Excellent Quality Wholesale Tyres Sydney is Now Possible

Posted on 28th, January 2020

We all have a notion in our mind that anything cheap cannot be of good quality. This fact can be true in most cases, but in the case of tyres, this can prove to be a myth. Buying tyres from AJAJ tyres (trading as Zoom tyres and Wheels Sydney), the fact becomes obsolete. AJAJ tyres are the best and the most reputed tyre company in Sydney that is famous for good quality, Cheap Tyres Sale Sydney

For any common man getting the best Quality Wholesale Tyres at reasonable prices can be a complex task. However with experience and expert guidance from the pioneer of the field even this task gets simple. AJAJ tyres have tyres from all leading luxury and budget brands of the world. The stock tyres from the world acclaimed brands like Silverstone, Bridgestone, Hankook, Nexen, BF Goodrich, Windforce, Toyo, Goodyear, Pirelli, Kumho, Dunlop, Pace and many more. They have a wide range of tyres for all vehicles right from the sedans, 4x4s, light and heavy commercial vans, sports and luxurious cars, agricultural automobiles, and light trucks. Importantly, AJAJ tyres maintain strict standard regarding the quality and only after that all cars have been checked they are sold. They are not just any sellers of tyres but they also service the tyres and assure that the tyres are well placed and secured in the car.

The team is well experienced and provides all services related to tyres. The services are as follows:

Wheel balancing:

The technician pays detailed importance to measure and positioning the wheels of the cars so as the car moves smoothly and in balance. Wheel balanced wheels go a long way in extending the life and movement of the car.

Fitting of tyres

the company has the best state of the art technology and a team that can fit the tyre in a very smooth fashion. The tyres are fixed smoothly and thus the functioning of the brakes is also improved.

Best Quality Wholesale Tyres Sydney

Tyre repairs and services

Saves a lot of other costs and enhances your driving experience. It assures that there is no moisture in the tyres and this increases its life. Punctures that have a tread depth of 1.6mm can be easily done at AJAJ tyres. They also seal the tyres by casing so there is no moisture trapped in the tyre and this assures longer life for the tyres.

Major repairs of tyres

They are also accomplished to undertake heavy-duty or major tyre repairs. They can repair mud tyres and also the tyres of sedans, light trucks, and agricultural vehicles.

Wheel alignment

They assist in wheel alignment and thus car moves in a straight line and takes smooth turns and u-turns.

Brake pads replacement and repairs

AJAJ tyres replace the brakes and repair it. They apply the best lubricant in the brake so that it improves the functions of the brake and avoid any chance of accident or discomfort during rides.

Call us today at 0414 969 969 and get the best wholesale prices for your car’s tyres.

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