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Tyre Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Mud Tyres

Posted on 09th, October 2020

You need the right Tyres if you are going off-road, especially on a muddy surface. Mud Tyres are specially designed to offer exceptional grip with their rugged design and aggressive tread in even the stickiest and slipperiest surfaces. AJAJ Tyres offers Cheap Tyres in Sydney for your 4WD to fit your budget and vehicle. 

What are Mud Tyres?

Mud Tyres are commonly known as off-road Tyres. To provide more traction on unpaved surfaces, these kinds of tyres have a deeper tread. Unlike snow tyres, mud tyres lack studs. Instead, these have deeper and wider grooves which help the deep tread sink into loose dirt, mud, sand, or gravel surfaces.

Can Mud Tyres Be Used For Street Driving?

Due to the lack of contact patch area, mud Tyres provide a lesser grip on the road surface and make a lot of noise. Also, mud Tyres are less stable on ice or wet roads. Therefore, it is not recommended to use mud Tyres on surfaces other than mud, sand or gravel for longer distances.

What Makes Mud Tyres Special?

Mud Tyres have wider and aggressive tread blocks with larger lugs and wider channels. The mud does not stick into the grooves of the tyres. But even if some of it does, most mud Tyres are able to clean themselves of dirt, debris, or mud. The mud Tyres are strong enough for an entire year-round use.

The sidewalls of mud Tyres are not only reinforced but also puncture resistant to avoid damage and accidents. These sidewalls are capable of absorbing shock from impacting uneven surfaces. However, the tread is not as durable as all-terrain tyres. The rubber used in mud Tyres is softer to provide better grip on surfaces. For the same reason, mud tyres tend to wear faster and cost more.

Buy 4×4 Cheap Tyres in Sydney

Now that you know everything about mud Tyres and its advantages over all-terrain Tyres, get in touch with AJAJ Tyres representative to find you the perfect mud Tyre for your vehicle. We stock a wide range of Cheap Tyres in Sydney, so get in touch with us to give your 4WD a new set of Tyres without breaking the bank.

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