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    Kingstar Tyres could be a well-known brand from the Netherlands. This instantly recognisable title in tire fabricating may be a partner to the fantastic Hankook brand, and the Kingstar brand shows the same consideration for detail and exactness in designing. This eminent producer offers an assortment of cutting-edge innovations and tire sizes, which is why the brand incorporates a vast and faithful following in Asia and Europe. This brand, founded in 1941, was once one of Korea’s most recognisable tyre brands. Since joining the Hankook family of brands, Kingstar products have been sold in over 180 countries worldwide. In addition, we provide Australia-wide delivery with quick and on-time delivery of Kingstar Tyres to all the suburbs of Sydney.

    Contact (02) 9793 9285 /0414 969 969 / (02) 8798 7610 /0433 286 232 and speak with a Tyre specialist.

    Precision Designed for Maximum Performance

    Kingstar Tyres is in charge of products with a reputation for delivering exceptional durability, safety, and performance in various challenging conditions.

    Kingstar Tyres in Sydney

    Customers can order online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ajaj Tyres, with over years of experience in the wheel and tyre industry, provides convenience and exceptional customer service and the highest quality wheels, rims, tyres, and custom wheels at unbeatable prices.

    Ajaj Tyres Guarantee The Lowest Price Every Time!

    1. Genuine local recommendations.
    2. Several fans and counting.
    3. Free delivery throughout Australia
    4. Lock-nuts are free. 

    (Only applicable to wheel and tyre packages)

    1. Free nuts and hub rings, as well as hub locators
    2. New batch top brand tyres are 50-60% cheaper.
    3. Loyalty discounts in addition to lower rates.
    4. Over 300 well-known wheel brands sourced from around the world, including Lexani, Vertini, and Initial D.
    5. A tool for real-time feedback.
    6. All inquiries are responded to immediately or within 24 hours
    7. Pirelli, Kumho, Dunlop, Michelin, Good Year, Nitto, and Toyo are a few of the tyre brands available.


    At Ajaj Tyres, we understand that customers in any city in Australia prefer high-quality wheels and tyres that do not sacrifice quality, performance, or safety. All Kingstar tyres have excellent high-speed stability and mileage. Hankook’s cutting-edge technology and experience help Kingstar develop new products.

    The best tyre for your vehicle

    Whether you drive a car, 4×4, motorcycle, light truck, or truck, we have the right tyre.

    Tyres for automobiles- Looking for a long-lasting, safe, low-cost passenger tyre? Ajaj Tyres provides budget, mid-range, and premium tyres for your vehicle.

    4*4 tyres- Make driving on the highway, dirt roads, and through the mud a pleasurable and cost-effective experience. Choose from a large selection of 4×4 and off-road tyre brands.

    Tyres for motorcycles- Search a massive selection of tyres for a great ride on the road, track, or your cruiser, quad, or scooter.

    Truck tyres for light trucks- When driving daily, you want safe, strong tyres that perform well for your light truck, caravan, or commercial vehicle.

    Tyres for trucks- Driving long distances and hauling heavy cargo? 

    Please browse our selection to ensure safe arrival at your destination.

    Ajaj Tyres guarantees the lowest price in Australia via our online store, including free shipping and overnight delivery. Look no further if you’re looking for Kingstar Tyres and rims at the best price. We only offer world-class brands to our customers, including KMC, Vertini, Lexani, Giovanna, VCT, Zenetti, and many others. Ajaj Tyres understands the needs of the residents of Sydney. We Aussies are budget conscious and prefer the best deal without sacrificing quality.

    You can get free expert advice by dialing the numbers listed below.

    If you reside in the Yagoona Sydney location, please call (02) 9793 9285 /0414 969 969 and if in Ingleburn Sydney, please call (02) 8798 7610 /0433 286 232 for more information.

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