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How To Check Your Tyre Tread Depth

Posted on 18th, July 2022

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Safety elements are pretty crucial. However, many overlook another essential factor—the car’s tyres—regarding driving safety problems. Few people know that because the tyres are the initial point of contact with the road, they are also responsible for effective braking, cornering, and fuel efficiency. Therefore, regardless of the conditions, tyres must have a higher road grip. Consequently, they must have an appropriate tread depth to guarantee this. Follow these simple instructions to determine the Car tyre tread depth.


What are the optimal depths of a tyre?

Ideal depths

A brand-new car tyre has 8 to 9mm of tread depth when it first goes on the road. You can drive on them up to a minimum of 1.6 mm of tread depth across 75% of the tyre’s width and around its circle. However, remember that your tyres’ tread depth, pattern design, and rubber compound all impact how safely you can drive in wet and snowy weather. Lower tread depths will cause brake effectiveness in snowy or icy conditions. With declining tread depths, there is an additional elevated danger of aquaplaning on wet roads.

As a result, frequently inspect your Car tyres, slow down on slippery roads, and think about getting new Car tyres before they wear out.

It is advised to conduct this tyre condition check in a tranquil area away from city roads and highways because it demands careful attention.

# Using a coin to measure Car tyre tread depth

Placing a two rupee coin into the tread is a quick way to determine a tyre’s tread depth. You can choose how deep the tread is by observing the depth of the coin.

Repeat this process on each tyre to determine the depth of the tread. By choosing how far the penny is pushed into the tread.

Every tyre should, in theory, have the same tread depth, and the measured tread depth must be higher than the tread level indication.

What if you notice a significant change in one of the Car tyre treads? Relax; this only highlights how worn out the particular tyre is. Wheel alignment and balancing tests are the best treatment in such a circumstance. Additionally, if you want to avoid a situation like this in the future, it is advised to have your car’s wheel alignment, and balancing checked every 3000 kilometres. Additionally, “car’s stopping distance” or “lame braking” may indicate that the tyres are wearing out unusually quickly.

# Using a tyre depth gauge to check the tread depth:

Similarly, if you want to be a perfectionist with no room for error, use the Car tyre tread depth gauge to examine the depth of the tread of your car. For example, if even one tread wear indicator appears in India, it is advised not to use the tyre until the tread has worn down to a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Because there is a possibility of hydroplaning in wet weather/water logging circumstances due to the least grip, measure the tread depth quickly by following the manufacturer’s instructions for using the straightforward depth gauge.

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