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Truck Tyre Sale in Sydney

Posted on 28th, April 2021

At AJAJ tyres, we have the most competitive rates in all of Sydney with the years of experience and expertise of a professional. If you have decided to choose our company to purchase all the tyres for your vehicles, then you can rest assured because your money will be going in good hands.

We Have Awesome Truck Tyre Sale Deals Just For You

In our monthly special deals, you can buy one tyre and get the other tyre for half the price. This offer applies to a limited number of sizes and some selected brands.

We also have this special discount offer on a limited number of tyre sizes. This is a Price Beat Guarantee from AJAJ on these Tyre Sizes:
175/70r13 – $88
185/75r14 – $100
195/75r14 – $105
185/70r14 – $100
195/70r14 – $100

The Benefits For You

Dealing with us for the cheapest tyre prices will prove to be one of your best decisions when buying expensive branded truck tyres is definitely off the table for you. What’s more, is that cheap Truck Tyre Sale at AJAJ definitely does not mean bad quality tyres. Only the prices are cheap whereas the tyres are as good as they come.

Truck Tyre Sale Sydney

What people often fail to understand is that tyres play a major role in the safety of our journeys. They decide to not spend too much time fussing over the quality of the tyres and go for the option that is the cheapest and most affordable. This action puts all their journeys at a huge risk as tyres that do not fit or tyres that have a poor grip can lead you to horrible accidents.

This is especially true for truck tyres. Trucks are heavy and since the tyres are the only point of contact of the vehicle with the road, their poor quality would mean that the driver has very little control over his truck. Any turn, any break and any acceleration could mean a lot of harm to many if the tyres do not meet the quality requirements.

However, now with AJAJ by your side, you can have all those fancy branded tyres with the best quality for the cheapest Tyre Prices in Sydney.

Just contact us now on (02) 9793 9285 or email us at info@ajajtyres.com.au

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