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Michelin Summer Tyres -The Pilot Exalto PE1

Posted on 25th, March 2020

Being known as the “right” tyres have built Michelin’s solid reputation in the auto industry. The name Michelin is a name that reflects innovation, technology, and performance with the highest safety standards all while being affordable. The company’s line of tyres is known for excellence in steering control and high level of reactivity- “Dynamic Response” Technology. For those who want optimal smoothness, optimal reliability, and optimal performance, Michelin Tyres are the right choice.

The line of Michelin Tyres is one that combines technology and design for tyres that are a class of their own. With features like their exclusive ultra reactive tread pattern design, drivers have a tyre that adapts to the road. With safety always a priority in the Michelin line of tyres, the tyres offer the solitude of high levels of safety whether driving in ideal road conditions or wet road conditions. Michelin combines multiple performances for total performance. At AJAJ Tyres, we stock the always reliable, always fuel-efficient and always safe & high performing  Michelin Tyres like the Pilot EXALTO PE2, the Ultra High-Performance Summer Tyre.


The PILOT EXALTO PE2 is considered an excellent choice in a Summer Tyre. The tyre is designed to raise the status and performance of small-sized vehicles like small-sized zippy, sporty cars, sedans and coupes that are designed to be fitted with tyres sized for a low profile. The PILOT EXALTO PE2 offers the extraordinary qualities that have built the Michelin name. The tyre was developed with a focus to offer precise and responsive handling in all dry and wet road conditions but is not built for handling in snow, ice or near-freezing temperatures.

Without hesitation, drivers enjoy predictable handling. These Silverstone tyres use LMA- Life Maximised Adherence tread compound that help the tyres grip on the road and offers that predictable handling that sets drivers minds at ease. Michelin moulds the Life Maximised Tread Compound into its Variable Contact Patch asymmetrical tread design. The result is a stronger, more enhanced tyre to road contact on the outboard portion due to the unique design of large independent tread blocks on the outer shoulder of the tyre. The construction offers optimal resistance to hydroplaning and wet traction. The tyres are also prime in noise resistance due to the continuous center ribs that keep the noise down and enhance straight-line stability.

As for the interior of the tyre, there’s nothing missing. Its interior structure is equipped with twin, high tensile steel belts fortified with Michelin’s BAZ- Banded At Zero technology that reinforces the tyre to provide optimal stabilization and offer outstanding handling and high-speed capability. Dual sidewalls are reinforced with a rayon cord to provide resistance to lateral deflection, offering drivers the optimal force and stability when cornering.

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